Yankton Press & Dakotan has story on Lt. Gov. Rhoden’s call for unity

The Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan had a story yesterday about the Lt. Governor’s speech at the OGP Lincoln Day Dinner, calling for unity in the party moving into next years’ elections:

However, Rhoden has also seen divisions both at the state and national level among conservative and moderate GOP members.

“In more recent months, we have seen others casting doubt and throwing out terms like RINOs (Republicans In Name Only),” he said.

However, those labeled RINOs have produced policies and legislation that have created economic and other success while following GOP principles, he said.

“We are talking about Republicans topping the habit of putting prefixes on the name Republicans. We need to unite,” he said.

“We have a common real threat to our country right now, and it’s the Biden administration, and it’s the liberals who are destroying our nation. We as Republicans need to unite and put our divisions behind us and, once and for all, get a dose of the big picture of working together for a common goal.”

Read the entire story here.

15 thoughts on “Yankton Press & Dakotan has story on Lt. Gov. Rhoden’s call for unity”

  1. Unity is great, but I’m not joining the “Election was stolen” and the “vaccine is going to kill us” crowd. The Q-anon nuts and Trump-or-die holdouts can kick rocks. The party will move on without them if they aren’t willing to put those lies and bad ideas aside.

      1. The inability of Republican leadership to call out these lies is the reason they are so prevalent today. They put money over their country. It’s time to squash this nonsense.

  2. The fear is so obviously palpable. Even Thune is too scared to declare he’s running again, I’m sure he’s wanting reassurance #45 isn’t gonna get involved. What a coward.

    Long way to go until elections but it’s not trending well for our Con Inc. rulers at the moment.

    1. That is about as far from reality as possible. John Thune will announce his candidacy on his schedule without regard to anything Trump may choose to do or say.

      1. Literally the RNC platform from 2020:

        WHEREAS, The RNC enthusiastically supports President Trump and continues to reject the policy positions of the Obama-Biden Administration, as well as those espoused by the Democratic National Committee today; therefore, be it

        RESOLVED, That the Republican Party has and will continue to enthusiastically support the President’s America-first agenda;

          1. No, that would be the policy of continuing to elect corrupt politicians over and over again simply for the sake of some politician demanding unity for those who don’t represent the people. It doesn’t matter what party someone claims if they DON’T STAND UP FOR THEIR CONSTITUENTS AND CARE MORE ABOUT Winning elections and being liked by establishment. It’s exhausting. If any of the worthless RINOS were not in fact worthless we would not be in this predicament we find ourselves in right now. Why is this hard to understand?

  3. This is the problem itself. Politicians need to STOP telling us what they need and want because both are irrelevant. If they don’t like being questioned by constituents then they need to find a new career. Our country is in this predicament because of worthless politicians expecting no debate or accountability.

    We will call a RINO a RINO and we will not unite with politician lifers who have zero desire to work on behalf of constituents. I don’t know why anyone even entertains such ignorant statements and requests by any elected servant at this point. They are elected to SERVE, not to control or get paid to do nothing, not to make easy decisions at their convenience, not to gain power or wealth, not to be influenced by money, power or control and certainly not likable or popular. They are elected to SERVE! If an elected servant can’t handle this then they don’t need to work for us and are welcome to resign or be unelected in the next election.

    Asking for unity around elections while claiming the Biden administration is the only problem is asinine. If any politician, regardless of Party association, were standing up to the radical agenda, election fraud and corruption WE WOULD NOT BE IN THIS SITUATION.

    Lastly, for any do called Republican to deny election fraud and claim the election was not stolen- you’re either ignorant, uninformed, or lying.

    Senator Thune has been a politician for decades and he acts like it. He should not announce he is running and leave without being removed, which will be the result should he decide to run again. If you defend him and pretend he’s worthy of re-election you’re not aware of his actions (uninformed) or not concerned about the future of our state and country. Or, Perhaps confused about party affiliation when claiming to be a Republican or Conservative. If you haven’t realized President Trump and America First candidates are the Republican Party, you’re wildly mistaken and best of luck winning elections.

    1. One of the most critical Senators holding 100% of the Republicans together in opposition to Biden’s radical agenda AND equally critical keeping Manchin and Synema leaning our way is JOHN THUNE.

      While undercutting Thune has the effect of furthering Biden’s progressive agenda, it is clear you do so out of ignorance so I will not attribute your actions as intentional cooperation with the progressives and question your motives, even in response to your calumny.

      But make no mistake, if the Dems could get rid of one Senator, it might be the firm, steady, principled leadership of JOHN THUNE.

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