Don’t want to say Team Mowry is unpopular in GOP circles, but…

With US Senate challenger Mark Mowry in the news today, there was one thing I observed at the GOP dInner this last weekend in Yankton..

I don’t want to assume that Mowry is unpopular in GOP circles, but… dang. When you’re running for US Senate and the only people who want to join you at your table are your wife and your hat, you definitely have a ways to go in the campaign.

5 thoughts on “Don’t want to say Team Mowry is unpopular in GOP circles, but…”

  1. Since there seems to much made of the hat, let’s look at this. If you are going to wear a hat, it is important to remember proper hat etiquette.

    First why didn’t the venue offer a hat / coat rack by the door? If they did then his failure to utilize something as simple as a 16d nail on the wall reeks of poor taste and bit egocentric. Most venues has such a place. I’m not even going to address wearing of the hat indoors, at the table.

    That is enough of what we can’t see let’s concentrate on what we can observe. First, good job on not putting his hat on the table, but he put he laid his hat on its crown exposing the sweat band. This can be considered an insult to the institution hosting the event, maybe as a protest of not having a hat rack.

    Looking at the table I noted there are only four chairs, that I can see. The table should be able to accommodate six to eight people. I noted only one other place setting. A book and hat are taking up another place. I wonder if he paid for an extra place for that book and his hat?

    I had gentleman once tell me if you want to look good wear a good suit. If you want to look great wear the right hat. The wrong hat or the right hat worn poorly will make you look like der Hanswurst (the Baffoon.) but, I think it loses something in translation.

    1. I usually wear a hat. Many times when I walk into a restaurant, I take the hat off when I enter the establishment. Usually I place the hat on a seat near me. I did not know there it is an insult to have the hat on its crown (I don’t because I like the brim on the seat. Because nobody is sitting there, I do not see a problem with using the chair. If someone came, then of course move the hat.

  2. Any person who decides to enter politics has to start somewhere. Some people have it easier than others. For example, if you are a pretty lady or pretty guy who was an athletic standout, it is easier to get people to notice you. Our state is in need of leaders who are willing to lead. Mocking those who are taking the first steps seems counterproductive to me. I am willing to listen to all and make my decision based upon who I believe best represents my interests and those of the community involved. Maybe Mowry is a kook. Maybe not. I don’t know. But rather than mock a newcomer perhaps just reporting the news would be better.

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