South Dakota in middle of pack for adjusted teacher pay

USA Today/Argus Leader just released an article showing South Dakota smack in the middle of the pack of a comparison taking affordability to live alongside with teacher pay:

USA Today Network took a look at salary data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics from May 2016.

The highest public teacher salaries come from states that are also among the most expensive places to live in the United States, according to U.S. News & World Report rankings for 2017.


Read it all here.

What do you think? It appears that South Dakota’s recent bump in teacher pay as led by Republicans has done some good.

6 thoughts on “South Dakota in middle of pack for adjusted teacher pay”

  1. Never enough money… Congrats Repubs ? Maybe. But if your not convinced how a Blue Model for education works, just look at today’s dust up in the Sioux Falls school board. More Administration at the cost of Education…

  2. “…..led by Republicans,” but dependent upon Democrats to get it done.

    The Republicans in Pierre are as divided as the Republicans in Washington. But increased teacher pay happen in 2016 because of bipartisan cooperation from a bill that came out of a committee system.

    The Republicans in Washington could learn from this example. If you use the committee system and involve all legislators, regardless of party, then maybe you could have gotten a repaired version of the ACA passed out of the US Senate, instead of the Republican failure which ensued….

    1. Funny how Democrats now yell “it should be bipartisan to fix healthcare” when they rammed it down the throat of the American people in the most partisan fashion possible! #HYPOCRITES!

      1. “When they rammed it down the throat of the American people in the most partisan fashion possible….”…… What? They used the committee system like Republicans did in Pierre with teacher pay.

        But I will tell you what a hypocrite is. It’s when a party embraces HeritageCare and RomneyCare, but when the Democrats meet you halfway, or more than halfway on it, by promoting ObamaCare, which is the same thing as HeritageCare or RomneyCare, then all sudden the Republican Party has the audacity to say that such a health care answer is no good. Or how about when you beat up Obama and the Democrats for four years over ObamaCare, then you nominate the guy responsible for RomneyCare. Not to mention that one of the past most conservative members of the US Senate, Jim DeMint, of South Carolina, who spearheaded the fight against ObamaCare through his Tea Party connections, then turns around and resigns from the US Senate so that he can run the Heritage Foundation, the same Foundation which in 1994 came up with the idea of HeritageCare, which was a Republican answer to HillaryCare….. Now that is a Hypocrite!

        Or how about a South Dakota Republican Party which send its congressional delegation to Washington to repeal (apparently not to replace) ObamaCare, while its Republican governor, at the same time, runs off to DC more than once to try to bring ObamaCare to South Dakota….. (What?)…… #HYPOCRITES!

  3. Pat are saying, “Our teachers are teaching better and they are being paid better. Thank you Republicans for making the right choice?”

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