South Dakota State Senate sustains Article I of impeachment of Attorney General on vote of 24-9

On count 1 of the articles of impeachment…

Article I: Crimes Causing the Death of Joseph Boever

S.D. Const., Art. XVI, § 3 provides that the House of Representatives may impeach “state and judicial officers,” for “drunkenness, crimes, corrupt conduct, or malfeasance or misdemeanors in office.” Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg committed crimes causing the death of Joseph Boever, specifically:

(1) On the evening of September 12, 2020, Attorney General Ravnsborg failed to operate his vehicle within its proper lane, crossed outside such lane, diverted his attention from the road, and struck pedestrian and Highmore, South Dakota, resident Joseph Boever;

(2) Joseph Boever died immediately from the collision; and

(3) Attorney General Ravnsborg pleaded no contest and was found guilty of two separate crimes, including illegal lane change, the crime that caused the death of Joseph Boever.

Wherefore, this Article of Impeachment for crimes causing the death of Joseph Boever is hereby adopted, and Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg must face trial for impeachment in the Senate of the State of South Dakota pursuant to S.D. Const., Art. XVI, § 2.

Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg was impeached on the first article on a vote of 24 yes, 9 no, and 2 excused, and removed from office.

3 thoughts on “South Dakota State Senate sustains Article I of impeachment of Attorney General on vote of 24-9”

  1. Our former AG should have resigned, plain and simple. He will forever have this burden of being a very shameful part of SD history.

  2. At least Janklow had the class to own his mistake. Didn’t try to lie his way out of it

  3. I hope the legislature will be so diligent and strong when dealing with the misdemeanors of its members, but somehow i doubt it.

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