Special session for impeachment to move forward. Not that they’ll release the actual vote on it.

According to the Argus Leader, the House of Representatives now has passed the minimum number of members needed to call a special session for purposes of impeachment:

Enough South Dakota House members have signed onto a petition to call a special session on Nov. 9 to consider the potential impeachment of Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg, Speaker of the House Spencer Gosch confirmed Saturday.

The House needed to reach a 47-member threshold to call a special election, and Gosch confirmed that threshold had been met. The names of lawmakers who signed the petition are not being made public.

Read that here.

Not that they’re going to release to the public who did and did not sign the petition. Ugh.

13 thoughts on “Special session for impeachment to move forward. Not that they’ll release the actual vote on it.”

    1. Agreed, misdemeanors are not impeachable. This would open up many members of the government to be impeached if everyone is treated the way Rsvnsborg has been treated.

    1. To add other items to an agenda of a special session takes a 2/3 vote of each body. The same as calling a special session.

      1. Yeah, Mr. Dale. Are you not paying attention? Nobody is going to drop a bill on the 5 Gs or mandatory vaccines through vapor aerosol trucks driving around Spearfish. Not without a 2/3 vote, they aren’t.

  1. Someone make an open records request for that list. If it’s denied challenge it. Law isn’t close on this one.

  2. This is very disappointing. It flies in the face of open government. Every action of the legislature, even calling a special session, should be open and the actions to effect this session should be open. It is cowardly not to report the actions of the legislators.

  3. Doesn’t this constitute as an impeachable offense? I think there should be a committee formed to look into charges against Noem.

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