State Senator Helene Duhamel provides glimpse into Rapid City redistricting discussions

State Senator Helene Duhamel is on Facebook today with a notation on how legislators are looking at drawing Rapid City’s legislative districts, including a prospective map, as they try to recalculate districts based on new population requirements, political and natural boundaries, etcetera.

Check it out below!

8 thoughts on “State Senator Helene Duhamel provides glimpse into Rapid City redistricting discussions”

  1. Saw that comment about Beadle County! This map doesn’t show Beadle County?? No reasoned map that I have seen splits Beadle County. So Anonymous, you’ll need to make up a different reason to not like us Republicans
    Thank you Helene for all your hard work on this. Difficult to balance all the competing interests, but this is a very fair map for the Rapid City area.
    You have a tough area to make this normal of a map for, given that the precincts track geography lines – and rivers and valleys are so inconsiderate when it comes to that straight line and square corner thing

    1. Lee,
      With such a super majority in the legislature, why do you Reps need to gerrymander districts at all? One or two additional Dems in the legislature won’t affect much, in fact, it could help restore checks and balances in our state government.

      1. I’m trying to see any evidence of gerrymandering.

        And, if you have an idea on how to draw up districts that can get 2 more Democrats, submit it.

        In both cases, unless you got either evidence or a plan as referenced above, quit with the innuendo and calumny.

        1. LoL, come on, look at rapid city, and Sioux falls. I don’t care about gerrymandering, but be real, it’s obviously made to invalidate votes. Why would Dell rapids have so many elected officials for Sioux Falls? Why does the western hills represent north rapid? I would simply draw those districts differently to invalidate your entire claim. Just because you label something fake doesn’t mean it is, take your Trump tactics elsewhere.

  2. grudznick would like to submit a map that splits Beadle county 7 different ways. I appreciate all the tough work it takes to make these maps, but where the whiners are need to be split 7 ways from Tuesday. That starts with Beadle county, split 7 different ways.

    1. Splitting up Beadle County 7 different ways would add to the Democrats’ confusion over its location.

      Photos taken comparing booth attendance at the state fair indicate the Democrats can’t find their way there as it is.

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