Stace Nelson doing lit drops with a State Senate brochure, and directing people to his US Senate website?

Just had an e-mail from a friend. Apparently, Stace Nelson is doing lit drops, and hanging his brochure on people’s doors. So it’s hot off the press, and you’ll have to excuse me assembling it from the photos I was sent. (You should be able to click to enlarge them):

Nelson 2

For a race that may be happening this June, it looks the unannounced candidate Nelson has just deleted “US” from his logo, and from most of the materials he used in his ill-fated run for US Senate where he placed third behind Current US Senator Mike Rounds, and Larry Rhoden.

Nelson 1

There’s a lot of braggadocio as you might expect from Stace, such as claiming “in his four years in your legislature(2011-2014) Stace was more productive than District 19’s Current three legislators combined (2010-2015).

nelson_USOddly, the brochure directs people to to support his State Senate race.

But when you go to the web site, you find that it’s still branded for US Senate.

Whether that’s temporary because he hasn’t had the time, he lacks funds to pay someone to have it changed, or it’s abandoned for some odd reason, there’s a lack of a consistent message that he is running for State Senate.

It is what it is, so, it’s confirmed that Nelson, who has yet to make his candidacy official, is apparently off and hanging brochures on doorknobs for State Senate.

17 thoughts on “Stace Nelson doing lit drops with a State Senate brochure, and directing people to his US Senate website?”

  1. I hope Senator Greenfield puts this guy in his place. He’s bad for the conservative movement because he’s about himself. Greenfield is a true leader and a strong conservative voice that ALWAYS puts the cause above himself.

    1. Bwahahahahahaha!

      Well that explains who got Caleb the cross dresser to run.

      Nelson’s claim must be legitimate or their would actually be journalistic documentation disproving his claim. Guess that guts the RINO claims Nelson was ineffective.

        1. I think they’re talking about a SDSU school spirit thing he did at Hobo day.

          I’d ignore the Nelson minions. They’re idiots.

        1. Damn RINOs are so short sighted! Nelson was the House prime on SB171 which was passed into law in 2014.

          1. Senator Chuck Jones was prime sponsor on that. Or are you saying the only way Stacey can puff up his record is by using other people’s accomplishments?

  2. Young Mr. Nelson was among the least effective in the legislatures ever. He never got any bills passed just wasted people’s time with meaningless commemorations and declarations of goofiness.

  3. Commendations and resolutions are as significant, and as impactful, as farting in church. Neither has much to do with legislating. I haven’t seen his list, but I assume he’s not running a scam with commemerations and resolutions – correct?

    1. Lee are you saying a campaign based on do a commemoration for me and you have my vote?

    2. You can’t quote the stoner blog! They sensationalize things like crazy with wild conspiracy theories and come very close to slander over there.

  4. Those who wish to advertise their candidate/themselves can buy an ad. Otherwise, keep it on topic.

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