State Rep. Goodwin notes employers have right to tell employees to get vaccinated

State Representative Tim Goodwin is writing in his legislative column in the Rapid City Journal that in the issue of organizations such as Sanford Health and others demanding their workers be vaccinated, they have the right to do that. And if employees don’t like it, they have the right to choose to work someplace else:

As far as making folks get the vaccine?  I do not believe in vaccine passports, mandatory vaccination, or any type of shutdowns.

Our Gov. Noem feels the same way.

The one big question that keeps being asked of me is, “Do employers have the right to make a person get vaccinated as a condition of employment?”  Thinking out loud here, I believe an employer in private sector business has rights as well.  Therefore, if he/she owns their business, and they decide that for you to work there, they want you vaccinated, I believe that they are within their right to do so.

The employee, on the other hand, does not have to get vaccinated, as they can choose not to work there.

Read the entire column here.

15 thoughts on “State Rep. Goodwin notes employers have right to tell employees to get vaccinated”

  1. 1: Assume the premise – this is not a vaccine, nor is it effective, nor is it legal to mandate. If we allow Sanford to do this, the executive (and judiciary) in SD is not entirely functional. What other legal mandates – precedent – are allowed that allow violent and sharp penetration of a person’s body with a metal object, drawing blood, causing injury at the stabbing site, and causing subsequent injury and harm?

    2: Harm – the vaccine has a chance of death. So does firefighting. But when you get hired as a firefighter, you are not sent into a fire started intentionally with a reasonable probability of maiming and death – the Chief has reasonable assurance you’ll survive the exercise. The Chief knows you’ll be okay. Sanford front line workers are being asked to risk their lives for marketing. To complete the analogy, front line workers get sent into the fire when they are with a patient. Sending them into the vaccine is sordid and gross. It’s perverted.

    One way to solve this is to level the playing field.


    This indemnity is also a perversion of the free market.

    When they are on the hook for damages, what will Sanford leadership do then?

    1. See SDCL 13-28-7.1. Please cite a law or case law stating that it is illegal for private businesses to require vaccinations. You say that it is not legal to do so, but provide no authority for that position. There are a slough of vaccines that the government requires people to have when joining the military. No one has been forced to join the military since June 30th, 1973. Currently, the military is a voluntary program. Just as is working at Sanford. If you dont want to “allow violent and sharp penetration of a person’s body with a metal object, drawing blood, causing injury at the stabbing site, and causing subsequent injury and harm” then dont joint the military and dont work at Sanford. This the crux of capitalism. Private companies have the right to run their company as they see fit with limited government involvement.

      Life doesn’t just have a chance of death, it has a guarantee of death. There is always a chance of death in literally everything you do. Everything. As a firefighter myself, your analogy is way off. While you are correct in stating that firefighters are not sent into a fire with a “reasonable probability of maiming and death.” However, you compare this to the COVID vaccine. Please provide evidence showing that the vaccine has a “reasonable probability of maiming and death.” The greater majority of people I know have been vaccinated, myself included, not a single person has had any maiming or death.

      I agree with 99% of what you post on here. I really do. But this one is far fetched fear mongering. Do I like that Sanford is requiring its employees to get vaccinated. No. Not one bit. But I also dont have the right to tell them they cant, and nether does the government.

      1. The science says this is not a vaccine like the rest that we get.

        There will be court cases about this where science matters.

        There is no science in journalism these days.

        1. The vaccine is in trial stage. Takes years to get full approval. Would not have wanted the health industry to say that there is a vaccine out there to effectively prevent most covid cases but cannot be distributed until 12 years from now. That would have made no sense.

          1. Trial, yes, but FDA approval is right there as we are getting all the data. The only reason it didn’t take years was because Trump removed the red tape and we have literally every researcher and scientist working on it. No steps were skipped. In fact, every step has been done that would have been done with normal development of a vaccine without the red tape. Trump cut out the bureaucracy to fast track it and that doesn’t make the science less reputable. Thanks Trump.

    2. well let me tell you, about legal mandates to stick a needle into you.
      The hospitals all require a bunch of other vaccinations. By 2017 Influenza vaccine was required in 61.4% of all hospitals..They also require TB testing. Another needle!
      And if you get a body fluid exposure you have to have your blood drawn to test you for HIV.

      This is part of the job. Don’t like it? Do something else for a living.

      As for those of you who don’t work in health care, you know don’t have to submit to a BAC test when you get picked up for DUI. You can just surrender your driver’s license instead.

      1. And there will most likely be a warrant issued for a blood draw. Where they use those sharp poky things.

  2. We were averaging about 12 cases a day a little over a month ago. Today, the state announced 153 cases. They have returned to daily Covid case updates.

    If you believe people like John Dale, you are in for a wild ride. Buckle up.

    1. The important # is while averaging about 100 new cases a day for the last couple of weeks, we are hospitalizing about 5 people (5%) a day and deaths are 1 a week. The last time (April) we were averaging 100 cases a day, we were hospitalizing over 10 people (10+%) and deaths were more than 1 a day.

      That said, while most of the current and new cases are under 60 years old (explains the lower hospitalization and death rate), of the new cases this month 300 of them are 60 years or older.

      If these people were vaccinated, new cases wouldn’t be newsworthy or a concern.

      BTW, with nearly all the breakthrough cases being people other than those who have natural immunity, it raises new issues to be contemplated regarding long term victory over this virus.

      1. Hospitalizations and deaths will spike soon. Of course many of the most vulnerable are vaccinated so the number of deaths will be lower this time around.

        I expect that we will exceed 1000 cases a day in a few weeks. All of those long-term illnesses and deaths that do occur, will be due to a refusal to follow medical advice.

        With real political leadership, the unvaccinated numbers could be much lower, as it is in many other states. Masks should be advised. We will pay a big price for that lack of action. Very sad.

  3. Thanks to vaccines, polio, smallpox, diphtheria, whooping cough, etc. have nearly been eliminated from the world. Remembering as a child when the polio vaccine became available everyone lined up willingly, w/o pushback from the public professing to know more than the PhD scientists who spent years in college and their lives in research. The polio vaccine found 1.8 million children volunteered by their parents as guinea pigs to determine the effectiveness of the vaccine to save thousands. We were a nation united in finding a cure for polio, which left many in iron lungs before their demise, much like ventilators and COVID.
    Today we are a nation divided…in most everything. Because we are divided, the unvaccinated are killing themselves & children too young to be vaccinated while some are left with debilitating side effects from the virus and all because, “the government can’t tell me what to do”. No one even talks about the hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions of dollars, it will cost your family to be in an intensive care ward with round the clock medical professionals at your side as you drown in your own fluid. Death does not eliminate health care costs.
    NO ONE wants to be told what to do but when it comes to the “head strong” choosing to not get vaccinated and their decision being a health threat to the country, YES mandate vaccines to save us all, especially in hospitals where the health compromised come to be saved by those whom they trust to be vaccinated. Presently 1500 health care facilities in the US require their employees to be vaccinated to protect their patients and staff.
    Thank you Rep Goodwin

  4. Lick your finger and stick it in the air. That’s how you know where Goodwin is going to be.

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