Sutton not ruling out Dem Run for Governor in 2018

Senator Minority Leader Billie Sutton continues to indicate he’s not opposed to being the Democrat’s sacrificial lamb for the 2018 Gubernatorial Race. From Today’s KCCR:

Although he isn’t saying “absolutely not,” Senate Minority Leader Billie Sutton of Burke has not made any decision on a possible run for Governor in 2018.


Sutton says in all reality, he want to take some time to rest after this year’s busy session…

Read it here.

Billie is a nice guy. Too bad he’s part of a party apparatus populated by Bernie Sanderesque liberal zealots. That’s probably not going to help him.

3 thoughts on “Sutton not ruling out Dem Run for Governor in 2018”

  1. Billie Sutton should never be referred to as a “Sacrificial Lamb”. He has a certain Machismo disqualifying that label in everyone’s book.

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