Big mayoral race in Brookings this year.

As I was signing a candidate petition today, I was reminded that yesterday, current Brookings Mayor Tim Reed announced via twitter in an exclamatory manner (using all caps for what might be his slogan) that he was running again for election:

This came shortly after an announcement by current City Commissioner and Brigadier General Keith Corbett in the last week or so that he was throwing his hat in the ring as well:

Keith W. Corbett, a Brookings city councilor for the past 4 1/2 years, has announced his intention to seek the mayor’s office. There are three council vacancies this year, the mayorship and two council seats. While current Brookings mayor Tim Reed has indicated he’ll seek re-election, Corbett insists that “I’m not running against anyone I’m running for the office of mayor.”

Read that here.

I know both, and actually worked for Keith many, many moons ago when I was a SDSU Student, and he was the chief of the university police.   I think they’re both good people.

It’s going to be an interesting contest, as there doesn’t seem to be open discontent among the populace. Reed has been mayor since 2007 after being appointed when Scott Munsterman stepped down. Reed didn’t have a subsequent race in 2009. And if memory serves when he was up again in 2012, I don’t recall he had a race then, either, due to the cancellation of the election.

So after all of this time, Tim Reed, a Republican who describes himself a political moderate, after 8 years will be facing his first actual election campaign as mayor against City Councilman Keith Corbett, also a Republican.

This could be an interesting one to watch.