Tapio campaign seems to take swipe at Republican opponents in Congressional race

From Facebook, a post went up in the past hour where the Neal Tapio facebook page just took a bit of a swipe against his opponents, where the campaign is making claims of statements from the opposing campaigns that seem more sarcastic than factual:

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  1. “Globalist Establishment” Shad wrote this again. Cookoo for Cocoa Puffs candidate

    1. Dusty was hanging out with the Global establishment in Canada a couple of years ago. So it is a fact.

      1. Scuba Steve is just butthurt b/c Mitchell supports Dusty while giving him the middle finger when he runs for anything, let alone attacking minors with op-eds.

            1. The poor people of Mitchell. What a twisted world view and not only attacking but judging a minor.

            2. Thanks for providing the link. What part of what I said iss factually incorrect. What I wrote was supported by what the paper had previously reported.

              1. The paper reported that Gen-Z are lazy and false Christians bringing about the Apocalypse because they would like to have a swimming pool? Man, I gotta subscribe to the Daily Republic! Do they ever have articles on alien abductions or children raised by lizards?

            3. But you misstated what I said. It was the Washington Post who used “New Social Order”. Where do you find “New World Order” in my letter?

              1. “The book of Revelation points to a false church setting up the antichrist’s control of the economy in a “new world order.”

                Incoming pedantic “I didn’t say that – the Bible did!”

                1. Thank you, that is correct. And that is from the last paragraph where I was referring to 3 adults, not the kid. So you made a false allegation. I am not attacking kids, but warning them about false teachers such as you.

                  1. Oh come now, Steve. Your comments about the “new social order”, “Millennials” (of which the kid is NOT a member), and that they “fail at work” are based on nothing but hearsay from one source. I wonder how John of Patmos would feel about your mischaracterization of his words being used to stop construction on a swimming pool.

        1. You mean the minors who write op-eds expecting their neighbors to pay for their fun and games thru the power of governmental taxation?

  2. Neil Tapio wants/needs her out of prison? Now Tapio has to find a new boogyman who execute a terror attack. Shad – you need a backup plan.

  3. Is Tapio upset she wasn’t released from prison? First Tapio wants a terror attack because he thinks it’s the only way he get elected. Listen to his own words in a previous Pat (bought and paid for Dusty).

  4. Was that Dusty and Shantel at Walmart fighting over the last pair of kneepads to ease their discomfort of begging for donations from the lobbiests!?

  5. Is it too late for Neal Tapio to switch over to the Constitutional Party and run for Congress from there? Don’t see it happening on the GOP side. Constitutional Party would be a better fit and campaign till November.

  6. Seriously… Who cares what this guy says. He has a real attention deficit issue, and zero chance of winning.

  7. Just watched Neal Tapio’s interview on KELO radio by Todd Epp. Wow! He has some experience and depth on many issue. Maybe Pat could do a blog post about it.

    1. I’ll see where I am tonight. I’m still playing catch up from being buried in my taxes…

        1. Or maybe I have a pile of work. And will try to get to it when I have a few moments. And a few manners go a long way.

  8. Tara are you campaigning on this as Mayor of Mitchell? Is it part of your campaign this time?

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