Tapio, Hubbel join Interfaith group’s prayer event after criticism

After expressing some criticism of the event ahead of time, upcoming Republican candidate for Congress Neal Tapio and Republican Candidate for Governor Lora Hubbel were shown by Dana Ferguson of the Argus Leader to be in attendance of an Interfaith group’s prayer in the Rotunda of the Capitol this AM.

In fact in looking at the pictures, it appears that they joined them from the side in a show of faith:

Here, Tapio joins the group for a photo:

As noted in the State GOP Party Platform:

We support our nation’s heritage of religious freedom and personal responsibility and recognize we must be proactive in defending freedom at every level. We believe in equal rights, equal justice, and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, sex, age, or ability.


We recognize our country was founded in faith upon the truth that self-government is rooted in religious convictions.

Read that here.

It’s good to see that people of differing opinions can come together to worship.

29 thoughts on “Tapio, Hubbel join Interfaith group’s prayer event after criticism”

  1. It’s so nice to see Senator Tapio and Lora Hubbel join forces with Taneeza Islam and the Lutheran Synod to promote interfaith dialogue. And here I thought they were going to protest the event!

  2. How not to be called “racist”, a practical guide you can use today:

    Step 1: Don’t be racist.

  3. If I’m T Islam I’d ask Dana and the Argus to stop covering Tapio. No one would know he made a sound if he wasn’t getting news coverage. He isn’t effective at making law. Just noise.

    Dana is giving hate a platform. She is more complicit in what Tapio is saying and doing than he is because be doesn’t have any way to get a message out other than her paper.

    This is where journalism has become a tabloid.

    Any serious news being reported about session or just more distractions?

  4. Hubbel can jump religions like she jumps parties – convert to Islam so they will sign her petition.

  5. Sadly, Tapio is not well. We should all pity him and get him some mental health help. He is definitely narcissistic and most likely delusional. He needs therapy and instead of making fun of the mental ill we should pray for him to get better.

  6. It is the leftist who protest. Conservatives debate issues, which is not the same as “Interfaith Dialogue”.

  7. Tapio carries a purse. Of all the men in the picture with a suit coat, he appears to be the only one who carries a purse. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  8. So Tapio was asked to clarify his positions, but nobody asked Mr Sharif what he thinks should be done with apostates, homosexuals, Jews and adulterers.
    Is Dana afraid to ask? Or does she already know the answer?

    It needs to go both ways. If Tapio is going to be questioned then everybody else should be too.

    1. Is Mr. Sharif running for Congress? Is Mr. Sharif calling for investigations into the Baptist church? Is Mr. Sharif holding meetings on the dangers of Norwegian immigration?


      Oh. Well then the probably answer to all your stupid questions is that Mr. Sharif was just there to pray with fellow spiritual leaders for peace and good governance.

      1. We hear this a lot: somebody points out that Islam prescribes death to Jews, apostates, rape victims, homosexuals, adulterers, and nobody denies the allegations, they just start screaming “racist! Islamophobia!”

        Well, what is the truth about Islam and Jews, apostates, rape victims, homosexuals, and adulterers?

        Answer the question!

        1. Okay… sheesh.

          Most Muslims just want to get through life and leave their kids with a legacy they can be proud of. A few extremists are kooks and want the world to burn… sorta like the Christians hoping to hasten the rapture.

          The way I see it is you’re no better than “them” so STFU and manage the things in your life that can help you find happiness for you and yours… like the vast majority of Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims.

    2. There ya go…could it be press bias? Christian ministry Day has gone on out there with hundreds every year…where were the Dana people then. LOL

      1. So, cover the event that happens all the time, or cover a NEW event. Maybe that’s why they call it NEWS rather than OLDS.

  9. Many understand what was going on today and the wrong spokesperson attempted to offset this mess. One goal today…most of you missed it….prime the state capitol for anything and everything..scramble our beliefs and then we can all waltz through the tulips on backs of those who make money bringing in people who actually hate us. The cookies were a cute twist if you like your cross served up with Muslim half moon! This is what we are up against and no interfaith group is going to stop it Get some smarts here people:https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/11/01/timeline-recent-terror-attacks-against-west.amp.html&ved=2ahUKEwiVi5iEts7YAhUwY98KHXofCfgQFjAAegQICBAB&usg=AOvVaw2tfkyuQX9zUrzDHHj3kmnw&ampcf=1

        1. We are too!! Prepared, shoot, Liberals are only prepared to yell at the moon again…what do we do, what do we do!!

        2. For what, exactly? I’ve got some Little Debbies and a Netflix subscription… I think I’m good.

  10. Chplray – My Patriot Supply? And for your coffee needs may I suggest Black Rifle Coffee Company. So smooth and tasty, and a plus is supporting fellow patriots.


  11. This little soiree.Anne Beal was organized by Betty Oldenkamp and resident CAIR activist inside their little group. The others were asked to make it look legitimate for “interfaith” LSS makes good money per head on resettling refugees. Some of our lawmakers incl. Sen.Tapio have attempted to get more regulations on money spent and understand thr cost to tacpayers of these social experimentations.within South Dakota. You will remember that Ms. Islam was overheard with Ms. Oldenkamp ahead of an April 2017 Christian event that the speakers were “haters” according to them. Of course we all know that this hate talk by them overheard by Pastors in Sx Falls resulted in an armed Muslim going to said event. So.Make no mistake as to motive or intent or leadership of this group. We might throw in they are Anti- Trump but that would put many reading in a gleeful self-gratification state.

    1. Keep stocking those MRE’s (avoid the yellow Starbursts). I’ll just be over here in a place called reality.

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