Tara Volesky climbing up on that campaign horse again

From the Mitchell Daily Republic, looks like Tara Volesky is taking some time away from Lora Hubbel’s campaign and running for office herself:

City Planning Commissioner Bob Everson and former mayoral candidate Tara Volesky have entered the field, throwing their hats in the ring with Mitchell City Councilman Mel Olson for the three-year position.


Volesky was not immediately available for comment Friday, but she’s a candidate Mitchell residents will recognize. She ran for City Council in 2017, but lost to Councilman Kevin McCardle, who pulled out a landslide victory in his first campaign. She also ran for the Mitchell Board of Education in 2015 and as part of the six-way mayor race in 2012, but to no avail.

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18 thoughts on “Tara Volesky climbing up on that campaign horse again”

    1. Cliff, I came in 2nd in a 3 way race. Kevin McCardle kicked my butt. I am hoping he will endorse me now that we are friends and neighbors. I would be working with 3 newcomers which will be great. Time for an underdog that is not beholden to nobody but the citizens of Mitchell.

      1. It looked like the reporter and editors were mocking you. I wish you nothing but the best.

    2. To make you better understand Cliff; a landslide victory is a term used in a political system, when one candidate receives overwhelming supermajority of the votes, thus eliminating the opponents. The actual term is borrowed from geology, where a landslide wipes out nearly everything on its path. Perhaps a better understanding?

      1. Thanks Fred. I jumped into the race because Mel Olson was the only announced candidate. I thought he should have some competition. Shortly before the deadline I turned in my signatures and found out that another candidate had just taken out petitions. It should be an interesting race. By the way, I was available for comment. The MDR better make it right.

    1. Thanks oldguy, my opponents have the brains, but I have the common sense. It will be a very interesting race.

      1. Mel Olson has more common sense than you could ever possibly imagine. But go ahead, under estimate him.

        1. Wow Anony……you really have no sense of humor do you. Pretty thin skinned. I don’t underestimate him. I am the underdog. Mel is a genius.

  1. Ken Tracy was a very good Mayor for Mitchell being a gentleman and professional that was well liked and a good promoter for the city. He was the kind of Mayor that would represent the city well to prospective businesses and citizens considering a move to the Corn Palace City. It all tanked with the election of Mayor Jerry Toomey. What a mistake! Mitchell needs to get back to having a good Mayor again. It is a nice sized town w/ much to offer and a great location. The Lake Mitchell situation needs to be addressed asap.

    1. The only reason that Ken lost to Jerry Toomey was because people were fed-up with the out of control spending. They are both nice guys but I hope people want more than just nice.

  2. Don’t you think the paper should admit their mistake and interview me like they did everybody else? Tara Volesky
    Evan Disappointed you didn’t call me back for a comment.
    Mar 23 (2 days ago)

    Evan Hendershot
    Mar 23 (2 days ago)
    to me
    Sorry Tara. I spoke with the person you called and was told you didn’t want me to call again.

    I probably should’ve just called again anyway! Apologies for the misunderstanding.

    Tara Volesky
    Mar 23 (2 days ago)
    to Evan
    Well that is not true, I would always talk to you Evan, but heard your last day is Tuesday. Best of luck to you Evan and take care. You are a good person. We will miss you.

  3. Tara instead of “draining the swamp” in Mitchell and given the horrible shape Lake Mitchell is in with high property values surrounding it would you say “Drain the Lake”? 🙂

  4. One thing for sure, Volesky is eminently qualified to take on multiple men at once.

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