Thank God we have the Argus Leader to tell us that Scott Hoy somehow manages to survive.

I’m laying in bed with my iPad this morning, occasionally getting up to make sure kids are fed as my wife dozes after driving down and back to Arkansas between Thursday and Saturday.

And as I’m glancing at the morning’s news, I come across what has to be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read, as the headline trumpeted “Scott Hoy’s long journey back.” I had to read, because I was naturally curious if he had a near-death cancer scare, or a car accident, or whatever.

No, this was not a journey back from infirmity. It was a tale of his journey back from… Internet infamy?

Scott Hoy was descending the escalator at Sioux Falls Regional Airport after a trip to Florida in December 2013 when he learned he was a national punchline.

The Sioux Falls lawyer heard from a colleague that he had appeared on the previous night’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” show, but it didn’t seem like a big deal. Hoy pointed out that television commercials for his family-run law firm had been placed in that time slot many times.

“He said, ‘No, you don’t understand — you were on Fallon last night,'” recalls Hoy. “By the time I reached the bottom of the escalator, my stomach had started to drop out.”

Read it here.

WTF? (If you’ll pardon the expression).

I had to go out to the curb to get my dead tree edition, out of curiosity where it ended up in terms of placement. It was on top of the life section, right above a story & photo about wiener dog races. I’m not sure how a story about the aftermath, fourteen months later, of a trial lawyers’ teasing after an awful commercial beat out wiener dog racing, but sometimes editors have to make tough calls, don’t they?

It’s here my wife wakes up long enough to comment “I read that last night. It was pandering.” And promptly dozes off again, giving the story about all the attention it deserved from the public at large.

I’m not sure how we managed to get by for 14 months without this story having been told. Maybe we can have the Argus bring us equally compelling tales, such as feature articles on the poverty elected officials face when they’re not being paid as much as they’d like. Or maybe a follow up on the anguished wiener dog who came in last.

Yes, through their valiant and intrepid reporting we may have learned that Scott Hoy somehow manages to bravely soldier on.

But we’re also asking “why on earth am I paying money for this newspaper?”

10 thoughts on “Thank God we have the Argus Leader to tell us that Scott Hoy somehow manages to survive.”

  1. Our long natio… er, statewi… Um. Our long nightmare is over! We can rest easy knowing Scott Hoy will continue to produce and buy TV ads and possibly even newspaper ads for his business.

  2. “I’m Scott Hoy, and I’m here to help you understand that the Internets are mean.”

  3. And don’t forget the Washington High School mascot controversy that no one has even thought about for 15 years. Stu is rapidly developing the credibility of a Milli Vanilli concert.

  4. I don’t know. Why are you paying for it? I don’t.

    I read what I like of the Argus on line. If you want to get around their article limit, just clear out your cookies every so often – it’s really easy. I haven’t paid for a dead-tree newspaper since I shipped out to Sicily in 1995.

  5. That may have been one of the worst of his commercials, but they are all bad. He is just a fig leaf short from flashing “File your frivolous lawsuit today!” over and over at the bottom of the screen. I suppose we won’t see that for a few more years.

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