That’s a campaign slogan you don’t often see…

Caught this in tonight’s paper. I can’t recall the last time I noticed “Rock On” used as a campaign slogan…


But then again, that’s the first candidate photo with dark sunglasses I’ve run across. As well as a one wearing a “poor-boy” cap in their campaign photo, as they stare off to the side.

(Does the Rock-on thing that mean they could start playing Motley Crue and Metallica at City Council meetings?)

4 thoughts on “That’s a campaign slogan you don’t often see…”

  1. Bolin. Bolin should run for it whether Daugaard appoints him or not. He’s an independent minded guy that supports the governor but is also able to think for himself. Did I mention he’s conservative?

  2. That young fellow in the ad has some nice sun glasses too. I would vote for him on that ad alone and there are many like me.

  3. And a clear reference to his gravel crushing business, a reference that you’d think a blogger who lives in very close proximity to that business would have picked up on!

    1. I’m not oblivious to it, but how many city voters utilize, and or are commonly aware of this unadvertised service?

      Can’t say I’ve ever looked for rock crushing.

      So, one or two heavy highway contractors besides himself living in city limits may be amused… And everyone is left asking “what?”

      He uses his company logo, which is good, but then flubs up the rest (mainly with his signs) with poor design, and a candidate photo that looks like it came from a wanted poster.

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