Governor Daugaard: Sen. Lederman Resigns; Governor Invites Public Input

Sen. Lederman Resigns; Governor Invites Public Input

daugaard2PIERRE, S.D. – State Sen. Dan Lederman has resigned his seat in the South Dakota State Senate. Lederman, a Dakota Dunes Republican, also serves as assistant majority leader.

“Dan Lederman has been a vigorous advocate for his constituents and for South Dakota,” said Gov. Daugaard. “He will certainly be missed, and I wish the best to him and his family.”

Lederman has served in the state Senate since 2011, after serving one term in the state House. He was elected assistant majority leader in 2013.

Lederman represents District 16, which includes all of the Union County, and southern and eastern portions of Lincoln County, including the cities of Worthing, Canton, Beresford and Hudson.

His resignation was effective after the adjournment of the legislative session today.

Lederman’s resignation creates a vacancy that will be filled by gubernatorial appointment. The Governor is asking the public to nominate candidates to fill the position.

Those wishing to be considered for the appointment, or to offer nominations, should contact Grace Kessler in the Office of the Governor at 605-773-3661. Nominations should include the candidate’s name, current address, telephone number and relevant background information.

Gov. Daugaard expects to name an appointee by late spring or early summer.


14 thoughts on “Governor Daugaard: Sen. Lederman Resigns; Governor Invites Public Input”

  1. It would be hard for the Daugaard administration to justify appointing anyone but Jim Bolin.

        1. Isn’t Rep Bolin a staunch Anti-Common Core person and the Gov is for Common Core? That would be one reason. I would think Rep. Anderson would be the more likely pick as the governor already appointed him once.

  2. Ann Tornberg ran a very competitive race against Senator Dan Lederaman so with his resignation the Governor should appoint Ann Tornberg as a replacement. Senator Lederman had to spend quite a bit of money to win by such a narrow margin. Actually a lot of money given what that state Senate seat pays.

    1. Hey, my person got their butt kicked months ago because they were seen as a partisan tool for the democrats and Obama, and then became the most partisan person in the state.

      Why won’t the governor appoint her?

    2. according to pageant rules, since the winner cannot finish their term, the crown and scepter should now fall to the runner-up. is that it? where was that when dusty was replaced by chris nelson? i can’t even remember if dusty had an opponent.

  3. I agree with the Governor on Common Core and disagree with Bolin. However, that doesn’t mean the Governor should have a single litmus test on any issue with regard to the appointment.

    Personally, I do think he should restrict consideration to Anderson and Bolin, both of whom I think are very good legislators. They work hard, they have integrity, they are smart, and they are solid conservative Republicans.

    In my opinion, the tie breaker between them is the Governor making a judgment which one will make the best State Senator. The House and Senate are in some degrees different animals requiring different skill sets and dispositions to be most successful. As I’ve never observed either Anderson or Bolin intimately in the legislature, I have no opinion who would be the better Senator and believe in either case there is no bad choice between the two.

    Assuming the Senate appointment comes from Anderson or Bolin, I think the House appointment should have a last name starts with C. Then this can be the ABC district. 🙂

  4. in district 32, when adelstein dropped out, there wasn’t this debate over whether gosch or conzet would bump upward. daugaard picked alan solano, a health care professional who had served on some task forces. daugaard will choose who he will choose.

    1. Maybe they didn’t want it then? Gosch was speaker and conzet was whip.

      Bolin is term limited.

      1. That’s right, they were both in leadership in the House and it happened only 2 or 3 days before session started. There was no way Gosch was going to step down from being Speaker. Bolin seems the obvious choice since he is term-limited in one year (if he wants the job). Plus he is older and more experienced than Anderson (and it would be pretty weird to appoint the same guy to two different posts in two years).

  5. Please oh please, not Kevin Jensen. How about Lincoln County Commissioner Dave Gillespie?

  6. Bolin should let the governor know he wants it and will run for it. ( if he wants it)

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