That’s got to be the funniest thing I’ve read today. Liberal Dems mewling that Ann should get the Lederman seat.

God bless goofy liberal Cory Heidelberger for the laugh-out-loud comment of the day.

Today’s silly statement is in reference to Dan Lederman’s resignation this afternoon from the South Dakota State Legislature. Apparently, Cory has his panties in a twist because as he pronounces today, with Dan Lederman’s resignation, the Governor should just give Ann Tornberg the State Senate seat:

How about we leave the composition of the Legislature as much in the form the voters asked for ..and finally give the job the the highest-turnover district in the state to the woman who has sought the job and won solid votes two elections in a row, Ann Tornberg?

Read that here.

So, the Governor should just give the seat to a candidate who “won solid votes two elections in a row, Ann Tornberg.”   Damn. That’s funny.

The fact of the matter is that Tornberg lost three elections in a row, by five percentage points in 2010, 1 point in 2012, and in the latest election, by a margin of 12%, in a 56% to 44% rout. Somehow, I wouldn’t consider those “Solid” votes.  In fact, her latest contest underlined the fact that a majority of voters in her district don’t want to see her in office, and have rejected her again, and again. And a third time.

That’s advice from taxpayers that the Governor is well justified in heeding – that they don’t want to be represented by one of the state’s biggest supporters of President Obama.

Unfortunately, this simply follows a common thread among Democrats. They can’t find good candidates, so they want to use loopholes to try to get people into the office. Take the opposition by their party’s liberal wing to Senate Bill 69 for instance.

Liberal Democrats are organizing to contest the election reform bill that was passed by the legislature to fix petition deadlines to facilitate military voting, to put all political parties on a level playing field in terms of the number of signatures gathered, and – here’s the part they really hate – it tightly restricts filing “placeholder” candidates – who have no intention of running or serving – that are only ran by political parties to allow more time to find a better candidate.

During the time when the bill was being amended, Democrats, via Bernie Hunhoff, tried a nakedly partisan attempt to give Democratic Party bosses an avenue to hand-pick candidates for the ballot, bypassing the petition process entirely.

Hunhoff complained that it’s hard to find good candidates… so his answer was to have them picked out of party headquarters?

Nice try.

In fact, it was such a nice try, it encouraged legislators to go the opposite way, removing many of the loopholes Dems regularly had to employ instead of building their party apparatus. And Democrats are scratching their heads trying to figure out how they’re going run people for office this next election, hoping people may care about their plight enough to endorse a referral.

So, with both the end of session, and Lederman’s resignation, let opposition complain and yowl. If Democrats want to capture legislative seats, maybe they should try to be an actual political party.

Because as they’re finding out, it does little good to demand that losers be appointed, as well as try to have Democrat Party bosses in Sioux Falls pick the candidates.

10 thoughts on “That’s got to be the funniest thing I’ve read today. Liberal Dems mewling that Ann should get the Lederman seat.”

  1. At first I was confused by the “won solid votes” line. It implies she won an election of some kind. But I guess it means “Democrats voted for her, so lets give her the seat!” Which is a variation of “Republicans won, now that means Republicans should implement Democratic policies.” Props for shamelessness, I guess.

    1. ““Republicans won, now that means Republicans should implement Democratic policies.”

      It’s even worse than that.

      Corey & his Wehrmacht rant and rave about how the Reps are running the state into oblivion with all that “hate”. See, since Corey & the Dems cannot win all the ballot box, those policy and electoral failures turn into rants about hate, prejudice and more hate–all of which appeals to Reps you see. In their small minds, Rep success in SD is more than Dem failure–it’s a loss of their version of civilization.

      Corey and his SS are evil.

      1. the constant rant from the democrat rank and file seems to be that the states voters vote “viciously and blindly republican.” so there you go. again, if the voters don’t pick you, don’t keep blaming the voters. that’s like blaming the car when you run out of gas.

  2. To borrow a phrase from Cory Heidelberger, wouldn’t it be “disrespectful to the voters” to appoint a candidate they have rejected in three consecutive elections?

    1. I doubt Corey remembers half the guano that he writes; most of it so irrational and outrageous and hate-filled, even he cannot remember what he was ranting about.

    2. it’s probably more like invoking pageant rules – since the winner can’t serve, duty falls to the runner up.

  3. She is terrible in Pierre as the Democrat Chair. She is almost too unfriendly to have that job. What did Jeff Barth do to not be able to beat her? She’s a curmudgeon.

  4. Well, I mean, Daugaard DOES have a track record of ignoring what voters say at the polls. Wouldn’t surprise me

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