The New Butte County GOP. And the strange tale of the old.

party_loyalty_OathRemember the recent story I did on the loyalty oaths being demanded of candidates by the Butte County Republican Chairman?

The one where they placed an ad, and went after elected officials in January for not taking their oath back in July:

Am I the only one who remembers those days of yore when Republican party organizations worked to get Republicans elected? Instead of beating them up, and trying to throw them to the wolves?

Read that here.  Yup. That’s the one.

I received a note yesterday from the *New* Chairman of the Butte County GOP Lon Carrier. Lon informed me of the election, detailing that the meeting was held at the Belle Inn in the county seat of Butte County with 16 or the 25 Central Committee members present.

Lon Carrier was elected Chair. Heather Plunket (also State’s Attorney) was elected Vice Chair. Sherry Smeenk as Secretary. Francis Hays was elected as Treasurer. Lt Col (retired) Fred Wells is now the County’s State Precinct Committeeman and Mary Kay Budmayr is State Precinct Committeewoman.

The meeting was conducted by Dave Roetman, from the Minnehaha Co/State GOP, and John Teupel (Lawrence Co) and Marilynn Oakes (Custer Co) were also there to observe and assist in certifying.  Another reason they were there was to leave no doubt of the group being recognized as the official Republican organization in the County.

In the face of impending elections, the word I’m hearing is that before the ones officially conducted, there may have been some alternate elections hastily ‘held’…. contrary to county and state party bylaws. Which generated this letter:

pietela etter

Somehow, holding an election without notice and not telling the central committee memebers is frowned upon. And not recognized.

The official, and recognized chair, Lon Corrier indicated that the new Butte County GOP organization is fired up, and ready to get to work. And as Lon quipped to me –  they’re ready to “plug on ahead getting good Republicans elected instead of trying to have them pledge loyalty.”

And that’s how we get Republicans elected in South Dakota!

5 thoughts on “The New Butte County GOP. And the strange tale of the old.”

  1. Congrats, Lon. He will be a great county chairman. Also note that some of the ” other” group joined us, some did not, but all eligible voters were welcome. I hope all will join us in the future and help us build a great central committee. Thanks to all who helped, especially behind the scenes.

  2. The election went smoothly with 60% of the Central Committee present. I’ve been to several Central Committee meetings and that is a very good turnout. Thank you to everyone willing to serve, our party is strongest at the grassroots.

  3. Congrats Lon! Thank you for taking up the challenge. You are a respected individual……and historian!

  4. I appreciate all the encouragement and support. . .and all the help we did receive. I was very happy to see so many different groups come together and express unity for one common cause. . .Does not mean there won’t be debate or differences but those things make us stronger. People wanted to see this thing done right and so they spoke with one voice to see that happens. . .Unfortunately a couple people that previously claimed the title of county party are now making our work harder here and trampling on the work the Central Committee has trusted us with by trying to get newspapers tor run articles claiming their legitimacy when they know it is not true. . Even claiming that SDGOP has endorsed them when they realize the dishonesty in doing so. . Our goal in Butte Co GOP is to bring everyone to the table but I hope they don’t hamper this by bending the needle of the moral compass and relying on deception when I should think a “higher” perspective needs to be employed. Should they have a place at that table is entirely now their choice. . .With that though, I do appreciate the trust placed in us and will advance from this line forward depsite the obstcles ahead.

  5. I personally believe Lon will make a great chairman. At least he will do a much better job than I ever did. He does try to work with everyone, and more importantly, will give the job the time it needs. The only bummer I see in the whole situation was the “old” party not being allowed to even witness the meeting, but bylaws are bylaws.

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