Theresa Stehly represented by Democrat Party State Chair Randy Seiler for election recount

Theresa Stehly – who has gone out of her way to claim she’s “Republican” – has apparently made an interesting choice to be her Representative on the City election recount board. Because she’s hired Randy Seiler, chairman of the State Democrat Party for that position:

Today, Monday June 15, Stehly is announcing her representative on the recount board is former U.S. Attorney for South Dakota, Randy Seiler.

Stehly stated “In this non partisan municipal recount, I am honored to have the expertise of Attorney Seiler representing the best interests of the citizens and protecting the sanctity of the electoral process.”

Read it all here at KELO AM Radio.

That’s …an interesting choice… to say the least. I’m not aware of Randy having spent any time specializing in election law.

An interesting choice… but not shocking..  (noting the picture below)

UPDATE:  Apparently Theresa Stehly has rejected the City Clerk’s first pick for the recount board because… she doesn’t like the Sioux Falls ethics board for some reason?

Initially, Sioux Falls City Clerk Tom Greco nominated Jack Marsh, the Sioux Falls Board of Ethics chairman. However, that pick was rejected by Stehly, who said she hopes to see someone with less interaction with the city council and candidates.

As an ethics board member, Marsh has disagreed with Stehly numerous times during her first term on the City Council. And earlier this spring he moderated a candidate debate between her and Jensen.

“I’d like to have someone with less council involvement,” she said.

Read that here at the Argus Leader.

Apparently the chair of the Sioux Falls Ethics board is too… ethical for Theresa Stehly?

25 thoughts on “Theresa Stehly represented by Democrat Party State Chair Randy Seiler for election recount”

  1. and she wonders why Republicans are against her…she is backed by all the Democrats…

    1. “Truth”: yeah. Imagine being supported by any Democrats. ‘Cause those fellow American Citizens of yours don’t even deserve to LIVE, right???!!! How pathetic, small and narrow a world and political view that some citizens can’t imagine voting anything other than straight down the party line. Particularly for a NON-PARTISAN elected office. You know what a one party system is called, right? DICTATORSHIP.

  2. 1. Takes campaign money from well know Democrats.
    2. Has been known to and has pushed liberal Causes.
    3. Poses all the time with far left liberals at rallies.
    4. Hires a Democratic Attorney and Chair of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.


    Stehly NEEDS TO GO!!

    1. Mr. Seiler seems a capable attorney & a clever man. Stehly has the right to hire whomever she likes. But let’s be clear: Sioux Falls abounds with skilled lawyers. Prospective litigants may retain conservatives, liberals, moderates, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, or Independents.

      She did not just hire a liberal. She did not just hire a Democrat. She hired the Democratic Party Chair! Her choice amounts to a declaration of war against the Republican Party.

      Perhaps she’ll bring to light a violation of election law – but I doubt it. While the state GOP favored Alex, his ballot box victory appears 100% legitimate. I’ll wait to hear every fact before reaching legal conclusions. Yet, an effective city council must be cooperative and collegial. Many voted against Theresa because she was perceived as abrasive, combative, rude, and polarizing. This decision proves it.

  3. My instincts tell me that she knows how some kind of malfeasance was accomplished, and she’s looking for a legal foothold to do discovery. We already know that in SD we have a pretty serious problem with out of staters voting twice .. not sure how illegal that is because of the nuance of dual residence (I’m sure a legal beagle can chime in).

    I’ll be interested in more news as this unfolds .. is this sour grapes, or some criminal element seething to get away with something again?

    1. What proof have you of “out of staters voting twice?” Are you saying this deep red state that’s had noting but Republican Secretaries of State for decades has a corrupt election system? Please give your proof and substantiate the votes.

  4. that entire council is populated with rinos. erickson, neitzert, selberg, kiley and tenhaken are prime examples of tax and spend mentality. not sure waht party soehl affiliates with but he’s right here with them. they sure don’t represent the value this republican signed up for. only fiscal conservative in sioux falls government is the democrat starr. sad.

      1. In the military, that would get you much worse. Outside the military, as someone who owns a lot of weapons, I am perfectly fine with holding people accountable for not properly securing their weapons. How dumb do you have to be to leave a gun in an unlocked vehicle? There needs to be a basic level of expected responsibility when it comes to owning guns. Their malfeasance only endangers all of us when they allow criminals to easily obtain weapons.

      2. what does that have to do with fiscal policy?
        didn’t say i agreed with him on most things, but he is the most fiscally responsible…by far.

  5. Well this is disappointing to say the least. This reaffirms the 180 I have done on her in the last 2 years. I was a supporter and initially thought she was a Liberal but, she told me personally she was a Republican and I shocked by that. When it’s all said and done she was Fiscally Conservative and much more that the others on the Council and that is what matters most to me and sold me on supporting her. Now after watching closer and seeing her lose it all the time made me kind of think, well if she loses thats fine. Now she hires this dude to help her is the nail in the Coffin for me.

    Bottom line – Sioux Falls loses regardless. If Stehly stays she wigs our for 4 more years and if we get Jensen then it’s just another RINO to the mix

  6. She hired a statewide Democrat activist to blow this recount up. Don’t be surprised if this recount becomes more politicized and takes a far more partisan turn. Stehly has always thrived on drama and media circuses.

  7. And she still has the most conservative voting record among them. I guess if she is a Democrat, what does that make the rest of them?

      1. Well, let’s just start with the bunker ramp. If you want to go further, check out the state theatre or maybe the river development. Or maybe the auditor. Or maybe not wanting to get into bed with a group that removed asbestos illegally or maybe dropping a building on someone. The list is quite extensive actually.

        1. I have to agree she is the most Fiscally Conservative on the Council. Between this Administration and the last we have gotten the following:

          – Bunker Ramp
          – Aquatic Center
          – Premier Center
          – City Administration Building

          Those 4 alone have cost us Hundreds of Millions of Dollars and are NOT needed, I repeat NOT needed. Kiley, Erickson, Neitzert, were around for at least 2 of the 4 gifts above. The worst part about the Bunker Ramp is after the issues were discovered and we knew who was financing it they STILL voted to move forward. Come on that was Wrong all day long and now we have a stupid 25 Million dollar and counting ramp thats not even being used. So yes Stehly appears to be a Democrat masquerading as a Republican, the others don’t even SNIFF Conservatism from a FIscal Spending perspective, so WTF are they, Progressives?. The whole council can be tossed as far as I am concerned and we need some type of law that states if we are going to spend over 5 Million bucks on anything it needs to go to a vote of the public and pass with a 65% margin. They are wasting money left and right. We dont need ENTERTAINMENT venues at the expense of public tax dollars. Did you know that the Aquatics Center, Pavilion, the Premier Center, and the Zoo all run deficits and are subsidized by our tax dollars. If they can’t stand on their own 2 feet, shut em down. Absurd I tell ya

  8. You would think all Republicans would be against a bunker ramp. It’s a classical government boondoggle.

      1. Huether was a Democrat. I laughed when he published his big switch to “Independent” which felt like he was going to try run for another office. Democrats are a scourge on the US as they are actively embracing Communism and Anarchy. The RINOs along with them which make up a good chunk of the Republican Party are just a lighter version of the same thing, most standing by and are too weak to make a stand on anything of substance.

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