6 thoughts on “This reminds me of the woman who tried to pet a buffalo calf.”

  1. Such a powerful message. Wait, did I say powerful? I meant vacuous. F-this. F-that. Look at my abs. I love this attention. etc etc

    Everything in SD lags behind .. they didn’t realize that this “movement” is actually a big giant turd; extruded, dried, and blowing away in the wind.

  2. I think it’s rather ironic that the professionals these ANTIFA clowns want to defund and abolish are the ONLY thing that was standing between them and a royal A$$ WHOOPING.

    1. So, you actually believe those were the deadly anti fascists? Looks like a good place for some anti-fascists……. Why are you people pro-fascist?

      1. it’s pretty common knowledge that the name ‘antifa’ is something of a lie – implying a resistance of fascism while employing some brutal fascist tactics against their opponents. but thanks for that input, nobody here is ‘pro-facist’ either.

        1. it’s interesting to note the only person arrested came dressed in a lot of extra padding, and held his little protest sign aloft taped securely to a big baseball bat. that’s not provocative, no.

    2. Indeed. Those police men working for the Government were the only think keeping those libbie Antifa clowns from getting a good talking to and education.

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