Thune: Democrats Are in Disarray

Thune: Democrats Are in Disarray

“Rather than addressing our border crisis or our inflation problem, Democrats are right now attempting to tee up a reckless, massive tax-and-spending spree to vastly expand the reach of government into Americans’ lives.”

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WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) today spoke about Democrats’ disastrous, out-of-touch policies that would significantly expand the federal government’s reach into South Dakotans’ everyday lives. Thune also discussed the ongoing disarray within the Democrat Party, and he noted that the Biden administration’s self-inflicted border crisis is a direct result of its own failed policies.

7 thoughts on “Thune: Democrats Are in Disarray”

  1. Mr. Thune in this post you clearly show your distrust of Democrats. I wonder how can you work with people you distrust? How can you negotiate with other elected officials to solve the many problems before our nation?

    Formerly the border problem was seen as Trump’s problem and now it is Biden’s problem. The border problem is our nation’s problem and we must own it and work together to resolve it. Do you have the civility necessary to collaborate with the other party? Our nation needs political parties composed of rational, serious people who bring new perspectives to the critical issues we face.

    Can you regain trust for those who hold disparate views. Will you provide the adult civility needed to bring members of both parties together to confront the many issues before our nation now?

  2. He doesn’t mention the war between the Reaganites and the Trumpers.
    Trumpers are winning. Reaganites are “RINOs”.

    1. Reagan reelection: Won 49 states, 525 Electoral Votes, 58.8% of the popular vote, and a margin of victory just under 17 million votes.

      Trump reelection: Won 25 states, 206 electoral votes, 46.9% of the popular vote, and a margin of defeat just over 7 million votes.

      I’ll take the Gipper over the real estate flipper anytime.

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