KELOland News: Lewandowski always volunteer, no longer Noem advisor

From KELOland News, it appears that the Governor’s team is confirming that 2016 Trump Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is no longer advising the Noem campaign:

KELOLAND News reached out to the governor’s office to ask if Lewandowski was still serving as an adviser to her campaign. Communications Director, Ian Fury, responded with the following statement:

“Corey was always a volunteer, never paid a dime (campaign or official). He will not be advising the Governor in regard to the campaign or official office.”


Read the entire story here.

5 thoughts on “KELOland News: Lewandowski always volunteer, no longer Noem advisor”

  1. If he is not a paid consultant then who received those multi thousand dollar fees that NOem reported on her campaign expense.
    Maybe they are playing word games and the funds were paid to a consultant firm which Corey L is associated with and not directly to Corey

    1. Of course Corey was a “volunteer”. If she were paying him, it would be considered prostitution.

      OK. Relax. It’s just a little joke. Actually, I care more about her poor Covid results than this stuff.

  2. Except for the accusation Noem is a transgender male, having affair with Corey is the most proposterous thing I can imagine. And I have quite an imagination.

  3. Governor Noem stated this about her “friend” Corey Lewandowski in a SDPB interview:
    “I’ve known him for quite some time,” Noem said. “Obviously he worked on the president’s campaign in 2016 and then … no. Just an acquaintance. Someone we’ve worked with and had friendships with.”
    Yet during the Los Vegas fundraiser she told Republican donor Traeshelle Odom that she (Noem) texted Correy Lewandski to “stop touching” Trashelle. Yet Noem and Lewandski apparently left at the same time…
    Either Noem is jealous that Corey would pursue someone new or Lewandski was trying to provoke a jealous response with his part-time lover…
    Regardless, it just proves Noem is quick to disparage the news medias for ‘lies’ and “garbage” when in fact she is completely in the cover-up mode!

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