Remember Angelia Schultz a.k.a. Añjali and her UFO presser? Apparently it has gotten a bit of attention.

About a month or so ago, I covered the absolutely zany presser/YouTube video posted with former Democrat Legislative/Secretary of State candidate Angelia Schultz who is now calling herself “Añjali.”  If you’ve forgotten.. (and how could you):

And there’s also this…

Well, for a quick update, “Añjali” has apparently become quite the topic on a number of podcasts.  In case you’re a podcast listener, you can certainly get an earful (and much of it is NSFW, so you’ve been warned). You’ll get a flavor from these:

Listen to “The New Disclosure SCAM ARTIST Angelia Schultz | Añjali | Exposed & Debunked” on Spreaker.

(About 28 minutes in for this one)

Aside from being the subject of scorn, Añjali/Angelia is currently spending her days on reddit dispensing advice on how to reach out to alien beings vie her reddit community at “The Transcention Project” under the handle “SpaceBetweenUs.”

Under her bio, Angelia offers that she’s “Leading a team to meet Higher Beings of Light who have a message for humanity.”  And she hawks her twitter account @AnjaliOnGaia.

While seven years ago she was described as the future of the South Dakota Democrat party, somehow I’m not sure they want to acknowledge her at all at this point.

7 thoughts on “Remember Angelia Schultz a.k.a. Añjali and her UFO presser? Apparently it has gotten a bit of attention.”

  1. That is REALLY NEAT-O! grudznick paid no attention to that young woman back when she was the self-proclaimed savior of the Democrat Party in South Dakota, but golly! Now she’s super exciting. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed that second, shorter movie.

    But again, grudnzick must point out and ask the question most of you are only thinking: why is it that all the pretty ones are insaner than most?

    1. Surprised crazy Larry over at DFP has not contacted Angelia about his encounter with aliens. Once you get him started he won’t shut up! All those encounters were when he was higher than a kite.

  2. i watched the whole press conference in front of the Lincoln Memorial.
    I have some questions:
    1. First of all, if the toxicity which surrounds everything in Washington, DC was what caused her Guillain-Barré Syndrome, why did she go back there to hold a press conference?
    2. Why do “higher beings” like to live on mountains? As in Mt Sinai, Mt Olympus, and this un-named mountain in the Mojave Desert, and why didn’t anybody ask her for the exact location??What is it about mountains? Should we all be living inside mountains??
    3. Does she disagree with the string theorists who think there are 11 dimensions? She said there are 8 densities. Are densities like dimensions?
    4. I get the whole matter and energy thing. Matter is just energy (light) slowed down. Or if you’re into string theory, the vibrations are variable. Have the higher beings provided her with a working Theory of Everything?
    5. why does she need a “team” to go measure stuff inside the mountain when it seems like the higher beings are providing all the necessary information. Why doesn’t she just write everything down the way Moses did?

  3. Wait, I’m now no longer the wildest former SOS candidate in SD history? Bravo Angela, I’ll concede this one to you.

  4. My snarky reply…

    1) There is life beyond Earth. As Isaac Asimov once said, “It’d be an awful waste of space.”
    2) We have been visited… unfortunately, they saw the two political parties running Washington D.C. and monitored Twitter and Facebook and ultimately decided that there was no intelligent life on Earth. 😉

    Thank you. I’m here all week. Try the Shrimp Brochette.

  5. Añjali/Angelia the South Dakota Democratic Party is desperate for anyone today and Añjali/Angelia could bring her intergalactic friends to run for office here once they meet the state residency requirements for public office of course.

    Good find Pat! Curious how she can afford to live in California and where her income is coming from.

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