Proclamation issued for November 9 Special Session to investigate Attorney General

The proclamation has been issued for a special session to be held on November 9 to investigate Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg for whether the conduct of the AG involved an impeachable offense:

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  1. Listening to Rep Kevin Jensen this morning on KELO it sounds like they will determine whether the misdemeanors are impeachable offenses; they are not going to delve into the case itself.

    1. That is the same line other legislators have been using and it’s patently false. The petition itself says purpose is to evaluate if he committed an impeachable offense and, if it’s determined he did, “conduct further impeachment proceedings thereon”.

    1. Mr. Dale, are you referring to the investigation that the blog-boy, Mr. H, has his out-of-state name-callers all worked up about?

  2. Wow – looks like Governor Noem got pissed when the Attorney General started an investigation into her alleged nepotism. These two should both be thrown out with the bathwater.

    Not unhappy that I voted for every Republican on my ballot except Trump, Noem, and Ravnsborg.

    1. I understand you being anonymous if you voted for Biden, Sutton, and Sieler. The trifecta of idiots.

      I sign my name. I proudly voted Trump, Noem and Ravnsberg. And would do it again.

      1. Troy, I’ve said it before and would say it again and to your face. You’re the hackiest of all party hacks. And there are hundreds of people named Troy in South Dakota – your name isn’t significant or unique snowflake- you can get down off your soapbox now.

        Trump: None of the legislation or major wins Trump claims he did actually came from him. Legislation doesn’t get worked out in the Executive Branch. In fact he’s done more harm than good for South Dakota’s farmers and ranchers with his trade wars and tariffs. They have still yet to have been off-set with the USMCA trade deal. So what did he do for you? In fact, the last time he was on the ticket, he lost to someone who was literally the least, worst choice.

        Noem: I think we’re seeing all of her failings play out or come to the surface this week. In fact, she almost lost to a Democrat, in South Dakota – she’s not that great. Look at our COVID-19 numbers.

        Ravnsborg: If he’s supposed to be our “top-cop” and head of law enforcement in the State, what he’s done has really been a poor reflection on the supposed moral character he brought to the office. Did anyone notice how quickly law enforcement orgs jumped on the Jackley bandwagon after the AG killed someone?

        Bring back Janklow – at least you knew what you were getting and he got stuff done.

        1. “Troy, I’ve said it before and would say it again and to your face. You’re the hackiest of all party hacks”

          So says the troll with the ever revealing name of “ANONYMOUS”

  3. How does this work in SD? Is voting for impeachment the same as removal or are they separate like the US Congress?

    1. No one really knows as this has never happened before in South Dakota.

      It sounds like no information will be given out till the legislature convenes on November 9. Then there will be a committee formed to decide how to proceed.

      It sounds like they will determine first if the allegations are even impeachable.

      If they don’t I assume they are done. if they do I would think they have to determine a process in the House. Contrary to some here the AG will get due process rights. It is pretty well established that he can sue to get those as that has been in a number of other states. Unlike the federal system, if the House impeaches by a simple majority he is suspended pending the trial in the senate which they cannot hold for at least 20 days after the House acts.

      Then the Senate conducts a trial where 2/3 of the senate is needed to convict and thus remove from office. (24/35). If removed then Noem gets to pick his replacement. If acquitted he continues to be in office. Clearly the senate does not have any rules either, which would then have to be established.

      Basic explanation but I hope that helps.

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