Woman once named “future” of South Dakota Democrat Party claiming she knows location of alien base in Mojave desert

A few years back, South Dakota Democrat Angelia Schultz was a candidate for State Senate..

and later, Schultz was South Dakota Democrats’ standard bearer in the 2014 race for Secretary of State against Shantel Krebs. In fact, after the election, she was even touted as “the future” of the Democrat Party in her ability to capture more votes that old Democrat war horses Susan Wismer or Rick Weiland:

Political newcomer and Democratic candidate for secretary of state Angelia Schultz received the second-most votes of any Democrat running for statewide office in Pierre. She also had more votes than Rick Weiland, the party’s candidate for U.S. Senate, though former congressman Larry Pressler certainly took votes away from Weiland. Pressler ran as an independent.

Schultz finished with some 13,500 more votes than did the party’s gubernatorial candidate, Susan Wismer of Britton. Statewide, 84,132 ballots were cast for Schultz. That was about 3,000 more than Weiland got.


“She’s indicated that she wants to run again,” said Deb Knecht of Houghton, chairwoman of the South Dakota Democratic Party, of Schultz. “We look forward to having her run for something else whenever she decides that she’s ready for that.”

Schultz said that, while she doesn’t have any specific plans for the future, she doesn’t expect to fade into the political background anytime soon.

Read the entire story here.

What has Angelia been doing since the 2014 race? Apparently, cementing herself as the future of South Dakota Democrats.

The far, far future of the Democrat Party:

A woman named Angelia Schultz née Angelia Lynn Johnston, AKA Añjali, who claims to be a retired defense intelligence official, says she has first-hand knowledge of the location of an alien base in a mountain in the Mojave Desert.


Schultz, AKA Añjali, laid it all out in a press conference that was live-streamed last week at the Lincoln Memorial.

During the press conference, Schultz said she was taken through tunnels to the alien base, where she met two aliens of different races who, she reports, communicated with her through her consciousness.

She went on to say that the aliens were aware of her conducting the press conference, approved of it, and that they are peaceful creatures.

Read it here.

And in fact, you can watch it here in all it’s “Future of the Democrat Party” glory:

The Future of South Dakota Democrats.

Well,they are looking for a candidate to run against Senator Thune in the US Senate race.

(She probably can’t do worse than Jay Williams did.)

17 thoughts on “Woman once named “future” of South Dakota Democrat Party claiming she knows location of alien base in Mojave desert”

  1. Rather than ridiculing this woman, I thought i would ask her for a map.

    Beam me up Norgblorthia, there is no intelligent life down here.


  2. They live was not only an amazing action movie with perhaps the best 1-1 fight scene in the history of theater, it was also a Philosophical treatise.

    Have an open mind (but not with DMT or LSD or some other big pharma concoction).

    1. But we should never let our guard down. We can see nationally what hideous things the Democrats have in mind for our country.

      1. “But we should never let our guard down”

        I was in the stands as a student at The University of Arizona in the first year or two of the Mike Stoops era. Chris Henry had won the 100M championship of California, and we were all really excited to have him as a recruit to The University of Arizona. We were playing Washington State at home with a small lead late in the 4th quarter. Chris Henry was not Reggie Bush, who could probably have beaten our team by himself. Bush had field awareness and wicked speed along with the ability to cut like an antelope. Henry had very little situational field awareness, but if got daylight, he was gone. Well, all Henry had to do was hang on to the ball running up the middle and we win. He ran full speed into the line and the ball squirted up into the air 30 feet. Wazzu recovered, marched down the field, and scored. Arizona lost.

        So, your comment, in more ways than one, resonates with me.

        Wazzu wasn’t cheating, Chris Henry just had terrible hands.

        The Democrats right now – and many within the Republican party – cheat as a daily means to “success” in life. In dealing with that, good people who take the long view have everything to lose by being complacent.

        Aim small, miss small.

        If you can find the video of Henry, you win The Internet, although it will likely give me football fan PTSD to rewatch it.

        That is all.

  3. I knew some of her family. She’s a mean girl that always needs to be the center of attention. Delusions of grandeur and an elitist Bernie bro.

    1. Bernie bros are now calling themselves moderates because they finally realized people were not buying their radical pie in the sky ideas and quite frankly it scared the heck out of them.

  4. I’m glad to hear these Mojave Desert ET’s are peaceful & friendly, but I still don’t understand why, whenever space aliens make contact, they choose humanity’s biggest nutballs.

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