Thune: Democrats Push Radical Federal Takeover Agenda

Thune: Democrats Push Radical Federal Takeover Agenda

“South Dakota election officials are doing just fine without having their every move dictated by Washington bureaucrats.”

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 WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) today spoke on the Senate floor about legislation that would restrict states’ rights and grow the power of the federal government. Thune highlighted how Democrats’ misguided proposals would put the federal government in charge of elections and eliminate states’ pro-life laws.

(Bonus! Senator Thune also had comments outside of the Senate Floor)

10 thoughts on “Thune: Democrats Push Radical Federal Takeover Agenda”

      1. Coup. I laugh out loud. At best it was a very limited uprising. Coups involve tanks and juntas, and the application of full huge power with a probability of success. Your use of the word ‘coup’ is why we can’t have nice things.

        1. General Milley calling the Chinese and promising to warn them is a form of a coup. The attempt to impeach a President over a phone call is a form of a coup (a standard these same people would not support if used against Biden regarding his call to the President of Afghanistan).

          A few thousand unarmed people breaking into the Capitol is not a coup. But, of course, when all you got is hyperbole and lies to justify your existence and influence, I understand why you resort to such nonsense

  1. It was his buddies that tried to destroy Democracy and install a tyrant…HIS prez. attempted a cou and he dares use the word “takeover”..

      1. The US is in fact a democracy. There are many forms of democracy, and a representative republic is one of them.

          1. Actually, it’s a combination of both. But that really doesn’t matter because both are a form of democracy which is what the US is so the 2nd commenter is still wrong. It’s a petty semantics argument for those who jump at the low hanging fruit to sound smart, but most of us see right through that. The US is a democracy. What that specific form of democracy is doesn’t matter.

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