COVID Update for this week from Sanford Health. Hospitalized and ventilator users are up.

Here’s the latest on COVID hospitalizations from Sanford Health:

Hospitalized and ventilator users are up, as well as the percentage of unvaccinated in comparison to last weeks’ numbers:

Those numbers continue to be creeping upwards..


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  1. Creeping is the operative word, especially when the growth in Covid hospitalizations is slower than other hospitalizations.

    Plus, we need to remember: If a person goes in the hospital after a car wreck or heart attack and has covid, they are on this list so it makes sense hospitalizations with Covid will grow with all hospitalizations.

    I’m almost getting to the point of believing the medical community is flat out incompetent with regard to inspiring the public to do its part to stop Covid. Cases, vaccinations, hospitalizations, deaths after awhile are just numbers if released without any context which makes sense.

    What is the relevant number they should be highlighting: # of people in a high risk profile group hospitalized with Covid where Covid is or may be a health threat, a number one can’t discern definitively by what is provided anywhere so one must make certain guesstimates.

    And, to that point: Roughly 70% of the people currently in the hospital with Covid are over 60 years of age. And, since 87% of those hospitalized are unvaccinated, it is easy to conclude we have too many people in the high risk profile unvaccinated. AND, BY EXTRAPOLATION, WHETHER VACCINATED OR NOT, VERY FEW PEOPLE UNDER 60 ARE BEING HOSPITALIZED OR AT RISK OF DYING.

    So, instead of releasing numbers which are frankly making people immune to conversation about Covid, how about we organize all information and public communications in a way it will educate people over 60 (and in other high risk categories) to the benefits of being vaccinated. And, in full disclosure, not be afraid to also give them the risks from the vaccine. Giving only half information is the same as giving half the truth.

    1. Or maybe we compare all numbers that show it’s healthier and safer for everyone to get the shot than not. You leave out long term affects of covid besides death that have already been seen (compared to myths of potential issues from the shot). Lots of anti-vaccine people keep trying to show they are smarter, tougher, better than people that simply get the shot. It’s getting old.

      1. They are sick and tired of being lied to by CDC, the “experts” and the medical community right here in this town who thought they could manipulate people. What is most amazing is they continue to lie and never once admit they lied.

        I don’t blame the anti-vaxxers a bit for not taking ANYTHINg said by these liars at face value. In one year these liars have destroyed the credibility bestowed on them by those who came before, which is a crime against humanity that may over time kill more people than the Nazis did.

    2. I suppose there could be some truth in your statement as we don’t know their ages. You can go to the state’s website for more of a general measurement of who is getting it statewide but these are Sanford’s numbers.
      I think this graphic is valuable and becomes more so as time goes on. I believe your assertion that general hospitalization is increasing is more of a guess than fact but I would welcome your source.
      If the hospitals are in fact including car accident victims that are COVID positive on a ventilator would be a real sham but I’ve not heard that reporting as fact.
      In fairness, I share the sentiment that vaccine complications not being published is a sin of omission. I’m guessing here but they probably believe that it would undermine public trust in the vaccine but it’s actually more damaging because people know there are issues out there. One group thinks it’s widespread and another thinks rarely. If we merely said it’s rare to die from COVID should that not be acceptable under the same standard? Hi

    3. Great points Troy. More information in peoples’ hands is always better. It seems manipulative to have only data that fits the story. The age and risk cohorts is a great example of how to break it down.

      Also: why not talk about infection-induced immunity? Great data is emerging from huge samples in Israel and the UK; meanwhile the CDC bases its conclusions off a small sample from Kentucky. Don’t they have data sets from the other 49 states?

      Also: why not talk about vaccination-based risks? If it’s true (and the multitude of VAERS reports can’t all be false), why hide it? It makes people feel like the medical establishment is lying to them again. There are always pros and cons. If the pros are so clear, paint that picture with ALL the data. Info-graphics make this seem like an 11th grade science presentation.

  2. More lies from you people.

    1) While both the flu and Covid are respiratory illnesses, they are caused by different viruses.

    2) Pneumonia is a lung inflammation which can be caused by a myriad of bacterias, viruses, or other afflictions. ONE of the viruses which can cause pneumonia is Covid 19.

    3) The common cold is an inflammation of the nose and throat which can be caused by a myriad of bacterias, viruses, or other afflictions. ONE of the viruses which can cause the common cold is Covid 19.

    4) You don’t even know what you are talking about. Covid is a particular virus. The common cold, pneumonia, and the flu are the results of having an infection of a myriad of viruses or bacterias which infect either the upper respiratory tract (nose or throat) or lower respiratory tract (lungs).

  3. The truth needs to be released. The CDC and Sanford should e forced to release demographics and all known see effects as well as initial cause for hospitalization.
    They are both embarrassing themselves.

  4. We are incredibly grateful to the medical community for day in and day out giving 1000% to save the lives of the daft who are the current domestic terrorists. The lives of those of us who got vaccinated at the earliest opportunity are continuously threatened by the ignorant. By all means do not seek medical care and take valuable hospital resources when you are drowning in your own bodily fluids from COVID.

    1. You must work in the medical industry as you parrot the lies.

      1). You intentionally misuse numbers to lie. Look at the numbers at the top. The vaccinated are not at risk by the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated are who are at risk, especially the unvaccinated in a high risk category.

      2). You refer to people who see through your lies as domestic terrorists in an effort to maintain the delusion you should be listened to and obeyed without question.

      I’ll disregard the utter evil to wish ill on another human being. Do you wish such on smokers, fat people, drug users, and others who come to need care because of personal choices? Or is your vile only directed at people who know you are a liar and have tha gall to call you out?

      By the way, to be clear, I support vaccinations, especially for those who have a comorbidity, because the benefits are significantly higher than the risks as borne out in virtually every independent legitimate analysis I have seen (Which excludes the political dishonest CDC) . I also know liars like you are the most significant reason people are wary of the vaccine.

  5. last night CBS news did stories about two young women who have died of Covid recently; one didn’t get vaccinated because she believed that idiotic story about the vaccines causing infertility, the other because she was pregnant and didn’t take her doctor’s advice to get vaccinated.
    Instead of listening to their doctors they listened to their friends.
    The story featured a provider breaking down in tears saying she has never been so fearful for her patients before. The hospital has lost five pregnant women lately.
    After watching that, you realize the anti-vaxxers have blood on their hands.

    1. Three comments:

      1). These are anecdotes but you fail to recognize why they believe their neighbors or what they read on the internet. The “experts” lied and continue to lie in an attempt to manipulate.

      2). A provider crying. Talk about an appeal to emotion. That said, why isn’t the provider mad at all the people in the medical industry who chose to lie in order to manipulate and destroyed their reservoir of trust.

      3). Blood on their hands? Again, a deflection from those who since the beginning abused their position of trust to lie and manipulate.

      Will there ever be a time when the “experts” and their apologists examine and admit their role in the stall of vaccinations. That is what real leaders and people of courage do, instead of blaming others.

      1. It’s hard to stand up to the mob. It takes guts. Just release the true numbers and all studies including those on natural immunity.
        The truth please. What does a vaccinated person have to worry about from a unvaccinated person?
        One more point. What health risks does a natural immunized person pose to others or themselves?

      2. Troy 8:19-

        I love the fact that you are very smart and scholarly. You make great arguments. Some may consider you the devils advocate of the website because you counterpoint and think extremely in-depth on many issues. On this issue, though, it seems you are more caught up in the fact that Fauci lied about masks not working at the beginning than you are in advocating for people to protect themselves. I agree with you that Fauci should go. He should have been fired a long time ago. Yes, that has caused a lower vacc rate than we may have seen with a more competent person in his position. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s the vaccine that is most important, and not Fauci. You have a microphone and you use it often. Instead of saying all the reasons why the CDC and administration is doing it wrong compared to your ideas, maybe lay out what you would do to get people vaccinated better?

        The past is over. What should we do, now?

        1. The “experts” need to do a mea culpa and tell the truth going forward without spin that attempts to manipulate. Nobody responds when they know they are being manipulated.

          I call out both sides. Only the truth will convince the skeptical on vaccinations.

          1. PS. My problem with the experts is so much more than about masks It is their reliance on half truths, use language which is obviously manipulative, rely on coercion, defer to political pressure, Use hyperbole and anecdotes, and present their speculation as settled science to be universally applied.

  6. I find it amazing that people are jumping in hook line and sinker to get this vaccine with NO FACTs on the long term side affects. They use phrases like trust the science, and its FDA approved. Has ANYONE ever thought about the LONG LONG list of drugs that have been recalled and folks have sued over deaths and injuries. The list is staggeringly long yet people who don’t want this experiment, because that’s what it is, are being harassed and targeted. A simple google search will see the long list of recalled drugs, lawsuits, etc. The worst part these companies cannot be held liable for these “vaccines” if you are harmed. As Troy pointed out on top of this all the lies and misinformation from Faucci, CDC, Sanford, etc.

    I mean I cannot make this crap up yet the list of people on this site who keep pushing this thing is insane. It should be very simple, take it if you want, and leave it at that. Get back to your lives and worry about you and stop trying to force or coerce people into it

    1. The problem with the anti-vaxxers is that they are not content to refuse the vaccine and shut up about it, they continue to blather insane stories about how it is dangerous, causes infertility, etc. One VAERS report claimed the vaccine caused blood to shoot out of his eyeballs and he vomited up his spleen. It is not explained how he survived long enough to file the VAERS report.

      The statistics are quite clear: the virus itself is more dangerous than the vaccine. Either way you are taking a chance, if you don’t get the shot you risk getting Covid and suffering permanent damage or death. If you do get the vaccine you risk an adverse reaction which can also result in death. The statistics on hospitalizations and deaths show that getting the disease presents far more risk than getting vaccinated.

      People who refuse to get vaccinated because of something Dr Fauci said a year ago about masks makes as much sense as refusing it because you don’t like his neckties. So what if he said something disingenuous? What has that got to do with the fact the vaccines are effective, and much safer than getting the virus?

      What is most annoying now is that the vaccinated are being told to wear masks to protect the unvaccinated, and the unvaccinated are told to get vaccinated to protect the vaccinated. This is BS, and it needs to stop.

  7. From the Argus Leader:

    “All six (dead from covid) were men and three were from Minnehaha County. One was 40-49, two 50-59, one 60-69 and two 70-79.”

    Too bad. God bless them and their families.

    1. My cousin’s funeral is tomorrow. Dead at 54. I had 3 family members in the hospital, 2 had the vaccine and one did not. The youngest, unvaccinated one perished. I feel bad for her children. Anti-vaxxers are just so ignorant and arrogant. You just can’t compete with stupidity.

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