Citizens for Liberty want to expand special session to prevent “injection with an unwanted gene serum”

As the legislature prepares to tackle a solemn subject, you can count on Rapid City’s Citizens for Liberty to bring the crazy.

So this mass e-mail just went out to legislators from Tonchi Weaver representing the group, as she encourages them to expand the special session in November to prevent “injection with an unwanted gene serum.” And no, I’m not kidding:

From: [email protected] <[email protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2021 
To: [email protected] <[email protected]>
Subject: Special session

Dear Senator:

If the legislature convenes a special session to deal with the impeachment of AG Ravnsborg, why not also hear draft bills 55 (Hansen, Odenbach) and 76 (Gosch)? 

The impeachment question is important, but whether or not an employer has the right to coerce employees to be injected with an unwanted gene serum, or to demand vaccination status is even more important to the average South Dakotan.  

Laws protect employees from sexual coercion.  Medical coercion is even more invasive, and all the risk is assumed by the person receiving the unwanted shot.

We encourage you to hear these necessary bills.


Tonchi Weaver
SD Citizens for Liberty
Rapid City, SD
605-348-7521 (h)  605-390-4078 (c) 

“whether or not an employer has the right to coerce employees to be injected with an unwanted gene serum.” Not sure what you say about that.

Looking for someone to bring the crazy? Apparently Citizens for Liberty managed to do that and more.

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  1. The eyes that have grown in the back of my head since getting this experimental Bill & Melinda Gates COVID vaccine have come in handy to keep an eye on possible evil doers. I’m hoping the booster will grow eyes on the sides of my head will help me become even more vigilant.

    1. If you read this you will find that it is advocating for less mandates and no vaccines or masks being forced on workers to keep a job. Citizens for Liberty is a great organization working to preserve our rights under the Constitution. Perhaps instead of disrespecting the group , you should actually attend a few of their meetings to find out what is actually discussed at their meetings. i doubt you have ever attended one, but are quick to judge with no context. The majority of the members are Republicans who not only try to keep our Constitutional rights, but also the Republican Platform. I think DWC really stands for the Democrat War College!

      1. You people are liars including claiming to be citizens for liberty.

        You are specifically advocating for a governmental mandate to prohibit employers to define the terms of employment of its employees. In a free country, the government does not get between the terms of employment and the negotiations between the employer and employee on those terms.

        I don’t need to go to any meeting or in need of any context. With my own two eyes, I see people wanting big government and lying about it.

        1. CFL aside, the GOP would be foolish to miss that there’s a legitimate conservative debate brewing, and it may portend an epochal shift. It was summed up to an extent in the pre-Covid French – Ahmari debate. On the one hand, French argues for procedural gov’t neutrality (in this case, that would be, gov’t must keep hands off business); on the other, Ahmari says, the central function of gov’t is to safeguard core individual rights and advance public goods (in this case, citizens should be able to choose their own medical treatments). The former is libertine; the latter is common-folk populist. In recent years, the bad acts of woke corporations have helped make the case for the latter. Biden leaning on corporations to do his bidding (same for governors of several blue states) does likewise.

          Remember who the tea belonged to at the Boston Tea Party — it wasn’t the king’s, it was the commerce-class’s. In the end, both elites went down.

  2. Anyone who is wrong about these shots will have their credibility eroded.

    Advocating for them is likely betting on a medical criminal enterprise to win.

    Will it?

  3. People who have actually read the U.S. Constitution and aren’t imbeciles worthy only of contempt, ridicule, and ostracism, know that the one and only constitutional right you have with respect to your employer is that “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” Since you remain free to quit your job if your employer tells you to get a vaccine you don’t want (or to wear a mask), it is not slavery or involuntary servitude. No “rights under the Constitution” are affected.

    And for Tonchi Weaver to say that a company making employees or job applicants say whether or not they’re vaccinated (“medical coercion”, lol) is comparable to a company making employees or job applicants perform sexual acts for the manager (“sexual coercion” to use her odd phrasing), well… I guess another Constitutional right the Citizens for Liberty have is that under the 8th Amendment as interpreted in Atkins v. Virginia and its progeny, they’re all categorically inelligible for the death penalty since they are clearly mentally retarded.

    1. Actually, the shots are worse than being coerced to have sex with a manager, but only if death is possible with the shots.

      Congratulations, Steve.

      You murdered logic.

      But can we agree that the terrible leadership demonstrated by Sanford is not necessarily a crime. After all, in some fully retarded conceptions of the realm of possibility, every job could result in death.

      “Every job could result in death.” — Wanker

  4. The employers will lose in court if they don’t accept natural immunity.

    If an employer can mandate a vaccine why can’t they mandate an 80 hour work week?

    Do employers want to rely on a court decision back in the same era as the plessy v ferguson decision?

    1. You do know most private employers can mandate their employees have 80-hour workweeks, right? Outside of a few industries where working hours are limited as a safety measure (like the hour limits for truck.drivers), it’s just a matter of being able to find people willing to work that long and being able/willing to pay them for it?

      1. Steve,

        It is becoming alarmingly clear the only difference between progressives and these Crazies against Liberty is for what cause they are willing to use tyrannical government power to restrict the liberty of individuals.

        And they are stupid as all get out as they don’t even know employers get to set the # of hours in a workweek and then use it to support their crazy idea.

        You just can’t make this stuff up.

      2. Steve and Troy,

        Why didn’t you comment on my natural immunity comment?

        I do know why. Why are you guys anti-science?

        1. Your natural immunity comment is nonsense. I accept natural immunity. Although the “experts” don’t talk about it because their modis operandi is to manipulate with half truths (no different than the anti-vaxxers) instead of telling the entire truth, natural immunity is both more long-lasting and robust against Covid than the vaccines.

          However, not everyone (ala those with high risk health profiles or who care for such people) should bear the risk and consequences of infection to get natural immunity which makes it rationale to vaccinate. Life (and science) isn’t always either/or. Sometimes life (and science) is both/and, a nuance some people seem to have problems grasping on both sides of this issue.

          1. If it’s nonsense, why are there court cases about it?

            I could care less if someone gets the covid shot or not. It’s their choice and should not be mandated by anybody.

      3. Typically, employers want employees to work just long enough that they have to choose betwixt civic engagement and family, which has already been decimated by both parents working.

        How about a slow clap for our leadership class. They really deserve it.

  5. The good news for Tonchi is all she needs to do is get 2/3 of both the Senate and the House to agree with her, and she too can have a special session for her topic.

  6. And I thought I didn’t need my tin foil hat and Kool-aid any longer. All kidding aside (sort of), everyone knows this will not see the light of day and does not warrant a spot on the upcoming special session calendar. Instead, this topic will waste a ton of legislative time during next session, and again, go nowhere. Bottom line, employers have a right to do this. Just look at hospitals in the early 2000’s and flu shots. Nurses and other practitioners were required to get them. Nurses sued and lost.

  7. Weaver and her bunch are typical trump-stains… People cannot have it both ways and bash Weaver and support trump…

  8. Flu shots are required around the nation by reputable medical facilities as well as police and fire departments. Knowing their employees will be exposed to the virus, and knowing the value of their employees for saving lives of the public, requirements are put in place not only for their own protection but for the protection of those they then protect. Covid vaccine needs to be mandated for the same reason by responsible employers!

    1. No. Because they can just find another job, according to “conservatives”.

      Through extension of the principle, employers can mandate that employees be brutally murdered or maimed because “they can just get another job”.

      Congratulations, “leaders”, you have murdered logic.

  9. They should circulate the petition and if they can get it fine and if they can’t fine also…but it should be presented to the members for their approval or not.

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