Citizens for Liberty wants media.. until they’re scared of media

In a bizarre move in Rapid City this past week, the Citizens for Liberty group was trolling for a reporter to show up at an event they were holding, reaching out and calling for them to cover an event with former President Trump lawyer Sidney Powell.

…that is, they wanted a reporter to cover their event until they demanded to know who. And then refused to let the reporter cover the event.  But it might be ok if they had approval over what they wrote.

Frye reached out to the Journal on Monday to request that a reporter cover the event. Journal editor Kent Bush agreed to send a reporter and photographer. On Wednesday, Frye asked Bush for the names of the reporter and photographer attending, which Bush obliged although that is not usual protocol.

“The only response I got to that was OK, thanks, and so we thought everything was fine, that we were set to cover it, and then when we showed up to cover the event, the organizers of the event told us we weren’t welcome there as media,” Bush said. “I don’t know how else to categorize it, but we were forbidden, banned from covering the event.”


Powell’s public relations manager told a Journal reporter and photographer they would not be allowed to cover the event unless they submitted the article for approval before publication.

Read the entire bizarre story here.

10 thoughts on “Citizens for Liberty wants media.. until they’re scared of media”

  1. I don’t have an opinion if Citizens for Liberty made a good or bad move, but I think they have learned to take a page out of the liberal handbook.
    Like the universities require a copy of the speech that someone is going to use at a graduation, etc, so they can edit it for ‘political correctness’.

  2. This was weak. Pennington County is so red you could paint a barn. Why would they ban someone from spreading the news about a conservative event?

    Jesus told us to preach the word. Not to prevent people from hearing it.

  3. The speaker is a nut case, so it was probably a smart move to not allow media to attend. Now on the other hand, inviting her to speak? Not impressed.

  4. The Rapid City Journal was turned away by a staff member of Sidney Powell. The Citizens for Liberty were not responsible for her actions and were not aware that it happened until after the fact. It is too bad the reporter did not ask for the person who had invited the paper to cover the event.
    Sidney Powel is far from a nut case and it is people like Anonymous who are welcoming Communism with open arms and closed minds. Yes, Communism is creeping into our politics and Thank God there are Citizens who are working hard to save our Republic.

    1. The article said the organizers of the event turned the reporter away. Why are you covering for them?

    2. “Sidney Powel is far from a nut case” – Is this the same Sidney Powell that claimed George Soros and the globalist CIA transferred votes in just a few states to “steal” the election from Trump? Is it the same Sidney that supports Qanon conspiracies and has been charged with ethics violations in multiple states and is facing disbarment? The same Sidney Powell that represented Enron executives and claimed that the prosecutors were overreaching when trying to convict those that had stole millions from people, which could discredit the stock market for all of us? Yeah, she seems very far from a nut case….

  5. The bossturds! Mr. Powell should be ashamed of his staff. You can’t swing a dead cat in Rapid City without hitting hard core conservatives with common sense.

    1. If they get hit in the head with a dead cat, will they be addled, and no longer have common sense?

    2. Maybe they did not get the crowd they wanted so did not want a picture in the paper of a number of empty seats??

  6. The only thing worse than grifters like Powell and Lindell making millions off Trump’s name is the people who are too ignorant to recognize it for what it is.

    Didn’t Trump even cut ties with Powell because she was too crazy for him? Yet these lemmings dish out 35 bucks to hear her conspiracy theories and buy her books and merch.

    Mind-numbed robots, as Rush used to say.

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