Eatery decides to refuse service to group. Group upset, and claiming discrimination.

From KEVN, a Rapid City Group is upset and howling to the media, because they were refused service by a business owner, possibly because of their beliefs.

The South Dakota Citizens for Liberty were asked to leave Pizza Ranch on Stumer Rd. Thursday evening after a dispute with the owner.

The Citizens for Liberty says they have been going to pizza ranch for bi-monthly meetings for awhile now. Mike Mueller, The president of the group, says they made reservations two weeks ago for a large group of more than 50 people. When they arrived, they were told that their reservation had been canceled, and two other groups were set to use them.

Mueller added when no one showed up to use the reserved rooms, they felt they were being discriminated against because they are a conservative group. He says after a conversation with the owner, police were called by management. No one was arrested.

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No pizza for Tonchi.

This is pretty funny, because in a meeting that “Citizens for Cherry-picked Scorecards” held in Pierre after the last day of session, Citizens for Liberty bigwig Tonchi Weaver had booted SDGOP Chair Dan Lederman from a CFL meeting being held at Pizza Ranch in Ft. Pierre after a legislator had invited him for the Lunch…. because he wasn’t conservative enough for Tonchi.

The allegedly conservative Citizens for Liberty group seems to have an odd affinity for taking their politics inside the conclave of the Iowa-based pizza chain.

Even odder that they’re howling claims of discrimination when they supposedly remove people from their own meeting for failing to pass a litmus test.

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    1. Was he the guy who could determine what country they came from by the shape of their skull?

  1. The headline should read:
    Local group of idiots harasses restaurant while overstaying welcome

  2. I wonder what CFL would say if they were asked about refusing service to blacks or Muslims? This could be a learning moment for them, now that the shoe is on the other foot.

    1. Tapio probably doesnt think muslims eat pizza. He probably feels safe there.

  3. I think they use Pizza ranch because all the ones I’ve worked with have always been extremely accommodating of small group meetings. I don’t know the whole story but I have to wonder what they did that got them thrown out. I have sincere doubts it was ideology.

  4. If you look at Florence Thompson’s FB Group SD Trumpet- you will see that they were harassing the establishment because they didn’t get the room they wanted. They weren’t refused service- they were put in a different meeting room and after they got done eating they started giving the servers and manager a hard time.

    1. Your assumptions are false. No one gave the staff any trouble or the servers. Before you make a judgement call, you should get all the facts. I was there and witnessed the whole situation. Do your homework first before making any judgements!!

  5. Funny The Chicken Ranch openly mentions in its mission statement on the wall about serving God… I find places that mention God on the wall tend to be conservative…I guess you have to do more than openly talk about and praise God …you have to bow down to this group to not discriminate?

      1. Hmmm, somebody sure hates Tapio. Is it his conservative beliefs or his Christian life style? You must be a bigot!

        1. Thankfully Tapio never did get the Domestic Terrorist attack he had hoped for.

  6. Weird, they seem to be seated and eating- so how were they refused service? Oh- I get it. They’re just a bunch of a***holes. That makes sense.

    1. Yes, but “service” is a relative term. I fear you may underestimate the extreme level of pizza service a rampant BULL elephant requires to maintain his robust physique. “This caucus demands more pizza NOW, and don’t skimp on the sausage!”

  7. Maybe there’s a local, sustainable, gluten-free vegan restaurant the Citizens for Liberty could patronize. What’s Michael Clark’s take on this, a business owner’s right to refuse service? It’s June and I see red snowflakes. Can that be?

  8. It seem’s to me these people did nothing wrong. Pizza ranch took their money. Then refused service. Let’s, see were they black? Latino? Asian? American Indian? No.This time they were white middle class that disagreed with an issue that became a polarizing political issue. Makes me wonder if the same dumb ass remarks were made against the blacks. And I believe the same racist remarks are still being made against American Indians by people like you. This time it is your own people you are disgracing. The one thing I am sure of someday it will be you. Bigots. Bill Napoli

    1. did they eat? if so I don’t think you can say they were refused service

    2. What you cant see is them taking videos of employees and customers that had nothing to do with this. That is why they were asked to leave over a misunderstanding of a canceled reservation.

    3. Thank you Bill I was there and ws privy to the treatment by Pizza Ranch employees to the Citizens for Liberty

  9. 1) A business who unjustly denies service will lose business.

    2) People who go where they aren’t wanted should not expect great treatment.

    3) Being expelled from Pizza Ranch is a good way to lose weight.

    4) Being expelled from Pizza Ranch is a serious loss of access to really good chicken.

    1. The CFL had a long-standing reservation at Pizza Ranch of Rapid City including on Thursday 6/7/18. So your Point #2 is entirely false. Point #1 and #3 are true and #4 is debatable.

      1. Reservation or not, it appears they aren’t wanted there. So go somewhere else. Life is short and not every battle has to be fought.

  10. I would imagine the Pizza Ranch would not be too receptive to having Klan meeting either.

  11. Isn’t this the group that wants to ban muslims?

    Are they afraid muslims will eat their fried chicken?

  12. So now were saying CFL is the same as the klan. and no they were not given time to eat. The question is would you holier than thou people be making the same childish bigoted remarks if this happened to blacks? or American Indian’s? Bill Napoli

  13. In Rapid City the CFL are now known as the CAVE People. (Citizens Against Virtually Everything)

  14. I don’t mean to be off topic but the chicken is so much better than their pizza. Just sayin’

    1. No, I do not like the pizza they serve. Just one man’s opinion.

      1. I can eat vast quantities of the pizza, but the best is the all you can eat mashers with all that gravy, and both kinds too. When I go I mostly just have mashed potatoes and gravy. Keep those insaner people away from the buffet line or somebody might have to knock them on the noggin with the handle of their umbrella.

  15. There is another video on SD Trumpet in which they are carrying their guns out to their cars and complaining that there’s no sign on the door saying guns are prohibited. You can hear a discussion of it being private property and the owner has the right to make them leave their guns Outside.

    They probably had somebody open-carrying and freaked out other customers or staff

    1. Anne, not true I was there and CFL did not do anything to deserve the treatment they received by the management of Pizza Ranch

  16. I just caught a comment in a video (the audio is tricky) “everyone who is carrying must leave.”
    And “why can’t we just take them outside?”

  17. Can you imagine how crazy the convention will be with all these irrational people

    1. Hmm
      Maybe the credentials committee should ask to see carry permits. All real SD GOP members have them

  18. I am pro property rights. Please tell me this didn’t start because they expected to carry on private property.

  19. As the 30 inches of snow in April proves, I think snowflakes can show up anywhere, any time of the year. And they have no ideological boundaries.

    I think part of the reason the overwhelming SCOTUS ruling was narrow is a plea to for more prudence and mutual respect, especially in a place likely to have families. Instead of expressing huffy indignation, prudence and maturity means just letting it go. Whether one is a group of flaming drag queens or conservative activists, there is somewhere in RC where you are welcome. Go there and move on. Be the bigger and better person.

  20. Bill Napoli you are a mean and cruel person who expects respect but doesnt give it to anyone else.

    1. The nice thing about Napoli and the rest of these nut cases is that the voters of Rapid City rejected their nihilism by 64% or so. They are now residing in the dust bin of history, where they belong.

      1. 64% of the voters using the power of government to make their neighbors pay for their fun and games is not conservative…it is coveting. Such is the hazard of a pure democracy. Clearly we have lost the concept of a Constitutional Republic where the minority has rights.

  21. Funny how the CAVE people “CLAIM” to be conservative Christians. When Mike Mueller first talked with management and was told there was a ‘miscommunication’ his response was “LIAR”. NOT a Christian response. You don’t get treated respectfully when you lash out with that kind if disrespect.
    I’ve deducted that these people grew up as nerds or misfits, who were never paid attention to or were ‘anti-authority’ people. They have banded together and feel that they now have ‘POWER’. Power to waste everyone’s time basically.
    If they were truly Christian, they would have accepted the mistake and made another plan. Besides their hate & disrespect, another issue with this group is that they assume everyone is lying. Only liars believe every one else lies.

    If you are new in town and are a solid Christian and very conservative looking to get involved, stay as far away from this group as possible!

  22. Please refrain from using proxy servers. Their use is long banned, and is noted in the rules. Please also refrain from profanity. Some are you are getting unnecessarily snippy.

  23. Businesses should have the right to refuse service to professional victims that crave drama and media attention without ever accepting any personal responsibility similar to an Argus story now.

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