SDGOP Announces Convention Platform Committee

From the SDGOP website, GOP Chair Dan Lederman has appointed the platform committee for the upcoming Republican state convention:

The Republican State Convention’s Platform Committee will be chaired by Speaker Pro Tempore of the South Dakota House Steve Haugaard and includes:

State Representative Steve Haugaard (Sioux Falls, SD) – Chair

State Senator John Wiik (Big Stone City, SD)

State Senator Phil Jensen (Rapid City, SD)

State Rep. Lynn DiSanto (Box Elder, SD)

Dale Bartscher (Rapid City, SD)

Anne Beal (Colman, SD)

Matt Bruner (Winifred, SD)

Sara Timothy (Sioux Falls, SD)

Marilyn Oakes (Keystone, SD)

Read it here.

51 thoughts on “SDGOP Announces Convention Platform Committee”

  1. One of the most far, far right out-of-the-mainstream committees we have ever assembled.

    1. Fringe Hard Right and the state will make more negative national news with potentially even less tax revenue in the future..

    2. Spoken like a true Ultra-Socialist (the failed Rapid City Establishment). Go back to your own party — select either Democrat or the Socialist Party of America. You are the ones “out of the mainstream.”

  2. Sutton or Bjorkman have more to gain from this than the state party. Phil Jensen and Anne Beal? After Michael Clark’s idiocy from this past week I have to wonder if Lederman is even thinking at this point.

    1. Actually Stace called me “a big government liberal advocating against GOP principles.”

      This diatribe on the Dakota Posts Facebook page included criticism for supporting Mike Rounds in the general election (we supported Rhoden in the primary that year) which suggests that the other people who voted for Rounds in the general aren’t real republicans, either.

      So now you know: according to Stace Nelson, REAL republicans don’t vote for Republicans in the general.

      1. Very good reply Anne. You can’t be both a RINO and a conservative. Wish you well on the committee.

              1. Wow—you can count me in…if you are associated with Stace Nelson , you will never get my vote.

        1. Too bad Round can’t even win 50% of the vote in his own home state of South Dakota, much less any of the other 49 states.

  3. Very good reply Anne. You can’t be a RINO and a conservative too. Wish you well on the committee.

  4. This group freaks the moderates out. Call us RINOs, but without us you don’t win elections.

    Seriously we can’t find any moderates?

    And why is Dale Bartscher on the committee? He personally worked for Marty who lost his race! Shouldn’t we be seeing people from Kristi and Dusty’s team? We like winners!

  5. Seems to me when Republican factions can’t get along they just call the other faction a RINO and offer no solution or substance to their argument and don’t even bother to listen or in this instance let the platform committee do it’s work then review it.
    Maybe it’s time for these big mouth idiots to shut up and work together as a whole party or get out of the way. They’re the reason we can’t have nice things.

  6. Some people just want to destroy the party. Stace and his friends show up to complain and bash the character of people who actually try. So sick of their BS.

    1. Try to do what exactly? Like line their own pockets from their unbridled greed.

      1. Please give a few examples of “line their own pockets” amoungst those serving currently in the House and Senate. It has to be provable, not just verbal gossip that you have created and perpetuated. Like paper trail, pictures, receipts. No one has ever been brought up on illegal actions when it comes to “lining their pockets”

        You claim it therefore it is true is one of the most un-Christian acts you can do in politics.

  7. Im still waiting for anyone to tell me why Anne, Phil, Lynn, or Dale have any credibility to be in this group?

    Is Lynn going to share a stupid Facebook post again? Is Dale going to try and make the government just big enough to fit in our bedrooms?

    Maybe, just maybe they’ll work to expand the base and try and not make the whole statewide party look like idiots this time around.

  8. This group of people does not accurately represent the majority of South Dakota Republicans. The lunatic fringe has hijacked the party.

  9. So now I’m an alt-right racist liberal RINO.

    Either I have multiple personalities or people are projecting their own fears on me. Interesting.

    All I want to do to the platform is clean it out. I have said for a long time it’s got too many planks. The Christian platform is the Nicene Creed. It fits on one page, is short enough to be memorized and can be recited by all adherents. Corporate mission statements are even shorter.

    So where do you stand on the pine beetles plank? Do we get the bugs out, or do we add Emerald Ash Borers?

    1. Unknowingly, Anne, you are an alt-right racist liberal RINO. Own it, many of us have and make sure to get on FB and share the news;)

  10. After reading the CFL post and now this, I am beginning to realize that this blog has turned into a wave after wave of hate speech directed at conservatives.

    1. It’s directed at people who think they have a monopoly on conservatism and have been tossing reasonable people under the bus in the name of purity politics and not being hardcore enough for years. We are sick of your crap, Steve.

      1. no one is against conservatives…just people claiming to be conservatives and are not….and both sides in here say the others are fake conservatives…

        1. Steve how many times have you run for office out of Mitchell? You were rejected each time by a wide margin correct? Attacking kids does not help either. Like Lora Hubbel’s electoral record they should be experiences to learn from and move on.

          1. The 20% of people who voted for me deserve their rights. Sad that the majority (liberals of both parties) think they can use democracy to take our rights away.

            Telling kids that they are being used by the oligarchy to covet from their neighbors in order to have their fun is not attacking…it is a warning. That entitlement mentality is being fostered by the public education system, and it is socialist in nature. There is nothing conservative about socialism.

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