Thune: Democrats Threaten to Change the Rules if They Can’t Get Their Way

Thune: Democrats Threaten to Change the Rules if They Can’t Get Their Way

“If Democrats were really concerned about the security of our democracy and the integrity of our elections – if they really cared about affirming Americans’ faith in our electoral system – they would not be seeking to break the Senate rules to pass a totally partisan election bill on a totally partisan basis.”

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WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) today discussed the Democrats’ latest attempt to change longstanding Senate rules to enable a partisan federal takeover of elections. Thune noted that eliminating the legislative filibuster would strip away one of the most significant minority party protections in our system of government.

9 thoughts on “Thune: Democrats Threaten to Change the Rules if They Can’t Get Their Way”

  1. I’m a strong Republican. But let’s not act like this isn’t EXACTLY what the Republicans did to approve Supreme Court nominees during the Trump Administration. Your outcry might be more persuasive if it wasn’t so insincere. And if our party wasn’t the most recent to do the exact same thing.

    It’s ironic that Republicans are so up in arms about legislation that ensures and protects people’s right to vote. This country was built on a democracy and the Republicans want to make it more difficult to vote. If there was any evidence of voter fraud, I might understand this opposition. But there wasn’t. As Senator Rounds made clear in the last few days.

    1. there’s plenty of evidence of voter fraud in Minnesota: they make it so easy. In 2002 my own son was in Minnesota on election day; when I found out he hadn’t bothered to get an absentee ballot from SD I gave him hell. So he drove to the nearest polling place, in a car with SD plates, and a SD drivers license, and at 6:30 pm they let him register to vote and cast a ballot. It was ridiculous.

      Since then, I have found out you can drive across Minnesota on Election Day, register to vote and cast a ballot in every town you come to. They don’t care where you live.
      Once you are registered to vote in Minnesota, you can load up your car with up to four illegal immigrants and take them to the polls with you, where you can vouch for them. They don’t need any identification at all, just you, vouching for them.

        1. Anthony, you’re right: a registered voter can’t ONLY vouch for FOUR people completely lacking identification and proof of residence, he can vouch for EIGHT.

          Did you even read the link you posted? In order to vote you have to bring one of the listed things with you, and the third option listed is a person who can vouch for you. You don’t have to bring anything else with you.

          The only thing I was mistaken about was the number of people a registered voter can vouch for. It used to be four, now it’s eight!

    2. I don’t believe you are a Republican.

      Did you forget the democrats changed the rules for voting for judges during the Obama years? The Republicans extended that to the Supreme Court.

      You have no proof Republicans are trying to make it harder to vote.

    3. Well Said, I was going to mention the same thing. Only in South Dakota do we have people supporting the notion to invalidate their own vote, as if these elected officials are somehow our parents and the ultimate deciders of what we can have. Supporting the right to vote doesn’t really feel like radical leftist agenda, it should be bipartisan. If you want Trump to win, perhaps you could have told him try to appeal to all of Americans in lieu of just his supporters. Division isn’t a path forward for our United States.

  2. Anne. Just checked and it appears that you have the recommended thickness of aluminum foil covering your head. Good job

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