Thune favored to be next Republican Senate Leader

Washington DC based Punchbowl News, covering the decision makers at the US Capitol, has done some surveying of who might end up in charge when Mitch McConnell departs.

And currently favored appears to be South Dakota’s senior US Senator, John Thune:

Who will be the next Senate Republican leader? Just a little background here: There’s a lot of chatter about who will be the next Senate GOP leader: Sens. John Thune (S.D.), John Cornyn (Texas) or John Barrasso (Wyo.).

The Canvass shows that Thune is the slight favorite — 41% say he’ll be the next leader. 37% say Cornyn will be the next leader, and just 8% say it will be Barrasso. This was only asked of Republicans.

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11 thoughts on “Thune favored to be next Republican Senate Leader”

  1. You arent gonna be a senator, John. Your transparent angling for support is getting old.

  2. The Senate Majority Leader should be someone who is strong, tough and willing to stand up to the White House. It should be someone who is willing to really grapple and not afraid to do battle. John Thune is a nice guy.

  3. Trump-4-lifers need to hit the reset button on their political barameters. Start thinking for yourselves and not what Trump says or said months or years ago. Thune is one of the few in this country that can keep us from falling off the liberal cliff into the pit of socialism. You should be supporting him as he tries to save that from happening. If you think he is not fighting against it, you need to find a more credible source of information.

  4. It is a fool’s errand to conduct oneself as though I am running for US Senate. It’s laughable and dumb. A LOSER like me? 😀

    I would vote for and support Bob Ewing in a heart beat, though.

    Thune doesn’t have the ability to understand and/or maintain 5G.

    Why would he lead that effort if big tech wasn’t counting on his ignorance?

    Thune voted against election integrity and even whipped votes against a reasonable audit of the vote; America’s brand.

    But just for kicks, let me try this on:
    “But that’s great that Thune will be Senate leader! Thank GOD! WE’RE SAVED!”

    Nope. Doesn’t fit.

    At all.


    1. If Trump wants Thune gone and actually directs money and surrogates to SD then John Thune’s reelection will be made miserable for him.

      Trump only needs to identify 50,000 primary voting republicans who will follow him.

      I’ve always liked Thune but I’ve never seen anyone command a following in the GOP like Donald Trump.

      1. Your dear leader already said he wants Thune gone, and he’s trying to get Kristi Noem to primary him. That’s some party leader you’ve got.

    2. “Reasonable audit of the votes.” Like the first two in Arizona? Or is the latest one, conducted by a company owned by a man who actively tweeted “stop the steal” since November and has actively fought against oversight of the process? Which one of these is “reasonable,” John?

      Don’t even worry about answering. I already know that the only “reasonable” audit to you is one that confirms your belief that the election was stolen. Anything else is just lies to John Dale.

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