Tom Pischke discovers when you make the same idiotic demands, you get the same answer.

State Senator Tom Pischke is finding today that he’s been shot down again, this time going to the Attorney General and demanding that he prosecute his colleagues for doing their job. The same question he asked the Hughes County States Attorney.

And the response is, “The Attorney General respects and is bound by Supreme Court decisions. Therefore, this Office has, and must, reach the same legal decision as the Hughes County State’s Attorney did in leaving these reported matters to the discretion of the Legislature.”

Did anyone think that it was going to be a different answer?

In other words, Tom got thumbs down from the AG.

23 thoughts on “Tom Pischke discovers when you make the same idiotic demands, you get the same answer.”

  1. Shows the lack of respect the Attorney Generals Office let alone the Legislature has for the people of this state since the people and their legislators can file complaints against any of the public offices, agencies, departments, legislators, and the constitutional offices anytime they want. But the republican party is interfering in due process of the people.

    1. Anonymous at 4:02, “The People” are not all in favor of legislators annoying the staff of the LRC .

      1. Curious what the turnover rate is at the LRC. I place a great value for the work they do. Last thing they need is to be harassed.

    2. You uh, got any legal precedents to support you? Oh wait, lol no you don’t.

  2. i believe he was told to go get a supreme court decision, then come try again. i’m trying to walk in his shoes here and see where he goes next.

    1. I’d really rather not. Pischke and his shoes are walking off a cliff…!

  3. It sure seems like there are some in elected offices who just can’t accept a defeat, doesn’t it?

  4. Under Article IV, the Lieutenant Governor can take complaints from any citizen public or private where they have a complaint against any such Public Office, Department, Agency, any Official, let alone the Legislature. Any citizen can submit a complaint to the Lt. Governor, the Attorney General, or the Public Courts to investigate any such issue. People need to stop defending a corrupted government system that allows the constitution to be violated.

    1. Do you have a reading comprehension issue? The State Supreme Court has ruled on this issue before, and the executive branch or judiciary will not get involved in this matter. The only thing that’s corrupt are Pischke and JFMs sense of always playing the victim.

    2. Mike, I think the AG might have a little more experience with the law than you think you do.

      1. Case law can be over turned, let’s all chill out, relax, and enjoy the time we are on this great earth. Can we please agree to disagree, and can we all agree to be nice. This legislative session is reminding me of all the reasons why I chose to get involved, to set an example, and lead by using class, morals, and values in expressing yourself. You all can learn a lot from those who use morals.

  5. Just to remind folks of what this was all about:
    “I was told by Senator Frye-Mueller that my husband could ‘suck on my breasts’ to get milk to come in. She indicated ‘a good time for that is at night.’ She proceeded to provide hand gestures to her chest area and motion to her husband to see if he agreed. He smiled and nodded,” she wrote.

  6. If the lactation consultant cREALLY cared about making sure her constituents are represented, she would resign

  7. By standing on principle, one of our favorite South Dakota legislators goes against the grain of a state governing body so finely tuned to shave DC for dollars.

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