Tom Pischke quote of the day. “It’s not some tinfoil hat idea.”

State Senator Tom Pischke on Senate Bill 215, his nutty bill demanding the National Guard and Sheriffs combat attempts at weather control :

“This is not new to the state. It’s not some tinfoil hat idea. I just wanted to put that out there first. ” – Senator Tom Pischke. 

I’m sure it’s not. I’m sure it’s not..

So, if Tom gets sent back to Pierre, will he also go after dowsing rods as witchery?

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  1. Total waste of taxpayers time… will he ever get any legitimate legislation passed? He masked it all these years in the house in the cloak of craziness the house provides but this stuff does not fly in the senate.. Guy is a total nothing, gets a sense of accomplish when he FAILS i guess. Failed marriage, failed mad dad ( cant even pass that legislation ). He is in favor of sex predators in the class room, and lowering his own child support. What a stand up guy. Get out from behind the lies Senator and tell the people what you are really doing with your/their time in Pierre. Self proclaimed FREEDOM FIGHTER , but cant accomplish squat.

  2. You all may laugh now but be warned!

    A new QAnon Coalition of Conspiracy Enthusiasts is organizing which will be the strongest in South Dakota history! That includes wavelength and electronic countermeasures.

    Senator Thomas Pischke’s name and service will be honored in the rolls to tinfoil.

    1. It might be a good point but Pischke couldn’t pass a bill that says the sky is blue. Doesn’t do any real work on getting things accomplished just throws some stuff together, calls it a bill and then cries corruption when he loses.

      1. Pischke, Doeden and the rest not just here in SD but elsewhere are birds of a feather and get nothing done. Those districts are basically without representation and are a wasted seat.

        1. Sad day for District 25, I hope the best for Pischke but it’s time to go and move over. Youngberg is out campaigning his tail off and from the gas station conversation every morning I am in everyone feels the same. Youngberg is proven and has a track record or accomplishments from his time in the Senate.

  3. Pischke fits the Frank Kloucek rule. You keep thinking how can his district keep sending such a moron? And then they do send him back, because none of them pay the slightest attention to Pierre and session.

    People used to claim that springfield voters sent Kloucek back to pierre many times, just to get even with Janklow for turning it into a prison.

    Kalaches, anyone?

    1. Anonymous at 4:26… Will disagree on this. Frank had a role to play in the legislature as a disrupter, and his constitutes approved of his angry schtick. The times I interviewed him he was always on point and often quite funny, never boring. Still YMMV.

    2. It had been hoped that redistricting would squeeze him out, but the gerrymandering failed to take into consideration that the only newspaper in Moody County, the Enterprise, has as its manager of news and editorials, the current wife of a Mad Dad who runs cover for Tom.

      1. so let’s see what is in this week’s Moody County Enterprise:
        a front page (albeit below the fold) very flattering article about Randy Gross headlined “Continuing a family legacy of service,” an unflattering page 5 article headlined “Noem banned from Pine Ridge Reservation over border remarks” and on page 3, an article headlined “South Dakota Files Resolution to Term Limit Congress” which starts off extolling the efforts of Lead Sponsor Senator Tom Pischke and prime house sponsor Representative Jon Hansen, who have filed SJR 509, and how “….once it passes the state legislature this session, South Dakota will be added to the growing list of states…..”
        Reading this, you would think those two actually accomplished something by filing a resolution which has now been deferred to the 41st day.
        And I can’t find a single mention in this edition of Jordan Youngberg’s candidacy,

        All it takes is one newspaper editor pissed off about her husband’s $10,000/year child support payments to throw a whole district.

        1. All these are very very good points, it wont matter if the newspaper plays favorite. Youngberg will outraise/outcampaign Pischke. I remember back to his 2016/2018 campaign and the newspaper was playing favorites and if my memory serves me correctly he bought the entire front page 6 weeks out from the election. Now one thing you have to remember is people liked Youngberg in Moody, it was his second strongest county. None of this changes the fact that people in district 25 know that Pischke list of accomplishment are little to none.

  4. Not sure why Tom is the only one called out here, this moved out of committee with unanimous support 7-0. Tom is an actual legislator that represents his constituents, as opposed to the others that just go to push their own personal agenda, despite what their constituents want. It is obvious to me the Dell Rapids crowd likes this stuff (I don’t). When I reach out to my legislators, I get nothing back, when I reach out to Tom, I get an explanation.

    We need to talk more about that!

    1. It MOVED out of committee to the 41st day. In other words, the senator brought it to committee and the committee denied the bill 7-0 for various reasons. ( 41st day motions yes vote means it dies ) Its unfortunate his ride or die followers cant even see that he gets nothing done for them. Also When you reach out to “Tom” maybe your getting his side of the story and not the entire picture so he can appear to be ” working for you.”

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