Tonight’s AG forum on Public Broadcasting: While Seiler rambled, Ravnsborg rolled over him.

My daughter sent me a note asking if I was watching the debate tonight, so I had to switch the channel and check it out.  I’m glad I did. It was good show. But not for Democrats. If you happened to catch it, you were left with no doubt who our next AG will be.

Jason Ravnsborg wiped the floor with Randy Seiler. It was a definite win.

Of course, there were highs and lows for both candidates. It was a bit of a slow start. And both candidates could have had a better close. But in the middle – after they got warmed up – Seiler seemed to solely spend his time falling back on that “he had more experience.” And that challenge was met in  the breadth of Jason’s command of the issues. And you got to watch him land some solid hits on his opponent.

But I have more experience…

While Seiler kept talking about how we needed more time to work the bugs out of SB 70, the often maligned criminal reform measure, Ravnsborg roasted him with statements such as if Seiler “knew any Sheriffs or State’s Attorneys who liked Senate Bill 70, to have them give him a call, because he hasn’t talked with them yet.”

And Ravnsborg got to note that a majority of Sheriffs, as well as 30 State’s Attorneys are actively supporting him.

After Seiler spoke about the need to address “corruption” and how he would take another look at cases, Ravnsborg AGAIN roasted him, with Seiler becoming visibly flustered, as Jason pointed out that as US Attorney during EB-5 and Gear up, Seiler brought NO federal charges in the issues. And Ravnsborg further noted that the charges brought and being prosecuted are being done so by the current Attorney General, Marty Jackley.

While Seiler spoke yet again about the need to work the bugs out of Senate Bill 70, and that “SB70 is not a problem,” Ravnsborg fired back again noting that we’ve already had five years of it, questioned how much more time we needed. Ravnsborg also talked about the need to remove presumptive probation, the effect of SB 70 on the counties, AND he brought up how Senate Bill 63 was not having the intended effects for juveniles as well.

During the entirety of the debate, as Seiler kept falling back on that he had more experience, Ravnsborg took the opportunity to concur, and point out the fact that for all of his experience, Seiler was not bringing any ideas.

I suspect that this forum was not at all what Randy Seiler was expecting, or was prepared for. Because Ravnsborg met and answered nearly challenge.

While Seiler rambled about all of his experience, Ravnsborg rolled over him with a breadth of knowledge, and a wealth of ideas. This was a definite win for Ravnsborg. And I suspect not what Seiler was expecting.

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  1. Why did we doubt Ravnsborg again? he kicked Seiler’s butt!

    One candidate was prepared and had ideas and solutions and stats and seemed to actually know SB 70 is not working! while Seiler had no ideas at all. he did look old and tired

  2. Did we watch the same speech? Pretty sure, Jason can’t tie his own shoe laces. Velcro is a good back up though

    1. Well if you watched a speech, then no we did not because we watched a forum and it was about ideas, not shoes.

      1. But please do remember the velcro angle mrT as it is quite possibly the only way your ideas will ever stick!

    2. My guess is MrT is either Stacie or Mary. All I see is Stacie comment on any liberal blog bashing Ravnsborg whenever he can, shameful. I don’t understand why he just doesn’t come out, as a liberal that is.
      This could also be Mary who is still bitter her husband came in 3rd, I see her posting under a fake name on the liberal blog as well trying to undercut Ravnsborg.
      Both of them need to get over it and move on.

    3. He has done how many hours overseas, is an experienced attorney, and isn’t a left-wing loon. He most likely has a higher IQ than you. Try to post something that doesn’t make you sound totally foolish.

      1. How do we contact this tellinghuisen or mierhenry? Do you have a number so we can call and ask if what you say, they say, is true?

        Should we think Seiler is stupid because he has a bald head and an old wrinkled face?
        ‘Knock the Vote’ says old people hate young people, should I believe this Democrat movement? You’ve got great insight, I’d like to hear more from you.

        1. you mean telelinghuisen and mierhenry who are pro choice, anti-death penalty and supporting Sutton—who gves a F*ck what those liberals think.

          If you want a liberal support Seiler

          If you want a conservative vote for Jason

  3. 86 days this volunteer part-time prosecutor will begin his next run for office after losing the AG race. US Senate again?

    1. Hi Stacie, or I mean Mary. Hard to keep up with all the dribble that comes out of those two.

  4. That is great to hear! I was a little bit worried about debates but based on your story sounds like he will have no problems with any kind of forum going forward.

  5. It was tough to watch. Both candidates are sloppy. One has experience and one has talking points. Jason will win because he’s put in the time driving around the state over the last 2 years. The only thing he’s proved is that literally anyone with a pulse, time, and a drivers license can drive around the state building support and win a statewide election.

    1. You are clueless. So because Ravnsborg works hard at his law job, is a good experienced lawyer, and has an outstanding career in the military, you only want to push that he drives around a lot? Come on, this old garbage is so laughable. I have never seen an AG candidate work as hard as Ravnsborg has and last nights debate showed it.

      Seiler look tired and warn out. I guess the saying of “No Energy Seiler” is true.

      1. Jason has all this time to campaign for years and drive around the state and be a gopher for the party which is great and run errands for the law office picking up lunch, office supplies and assist where needed. He is a team player.

        1. So you don’t know him personally is what you are saying. I do, and your childish attempt at an attack is laughable to those of us who know him.

      2. Ravnsborg is a hard worker but this is quite the over the top love fest.

        Wait until Kristi debates Sutton and SD voters find out Sutton is rehearsed talking points and cannot adjust to new facts.

    2. And you are an expert in this area how? Jason has been listening to those in law enforcement while Seller has had his hearing aid turned off.

      1. Seiler has not ideas and just looks worn out. Kind of like butter spread across too much bread.

  6. Knock the Vote movement says old people don’t care about me because I’m young. Feminists say I’m suppose to hate all men. A NYT writer says it’s fun to be cruel to old white men.

    According to the majority of leftists, Seiler is exactly who I’m not suppose to vote for.
    What’s a Democrat girl to do?

    1. You sound like an intelligent democrat girl. The direction the democrats are taking their party is unintelligent, hateful and dangerous. I used to be a democrat. Best thing to do is vote straight party republican or we are in deep trouble.

      1. I came across YT videos about a movement called #WalkAway. After watching some of the testimonies, I thought maybe we should run.

  7. Potheads and other druggies you have 85 days to get your act together since you have been warned by AG Ravensborg. A new profitable private Meth Prison will be built. Comply or else. Bus departure schedules for Colorado and California will be posted.

    1. What’s wrong with you? You have no compassion. You want people addicted to deadly drugs? Are you implying this Is part of Seiler’s vision for SD? How many SDakotans have died from an overdose of heroin or fentanyl? Too many.

      You are also ignorant as to what a prison offers addicts. For many, it’s another chance at life, a chance to embrace sobriety, a chance for an education, medical treatment, a place to find a higher power. You’re disturbed. I thought Democrats cared for the less fortunate, guess that’s not the case with Seiler’s supporters?

      1. Compassion with the Ravensborg approach? Are you kidding? His inexperience showed last night. Unqualified! “Corruption Where? He will be the perfect puppet.

        1. Hi Stacie, shouldn’t you be posting on the liberal blog since that is your favorite spot?

        2. Corruption? Didn’t Seiler have the authority to bring federal charges during EB-5 and Gear Up? Why didn’t he do that? So, not only does Seiler have compassion to allow addicts to overdose and deal their deadly drugs, he also has compassion for white-collar criminals?

    2. Seiler doesn’t want to legalize recreational mj. Uh-oh, what does that do to your narrative?

  8. Ravnsborg will be our next AG…Seiler is a nice person, but at the end of the day a liberal in a red state. He did look old and was cranky. That does not sell well.

    Jason is young hard working, has ideas and quite frankly it was clear Seiler would not be as tough on crime, talking about reducing some of the charges to misdemeanors on meth in this environment is tone deaf at best.


  9. If Minnesota and North Dakota legalize recreational Marijuana with AG Ravensborg it will be Cha Ching $$$$ for the state and investors of the new private Meth prison.

    1. You didn’t listen either, did you? Ravnsborg, sheriffs and officers support having a facility so to allow addicts and mental health patients get the help they need. A treatment facility.

  10. Ravnsborg seems to have outed himself as a spender. No ideas other than to build prisons. The guy will cost the state $250M per year when he’s done. My mind is made up after tonight.

      1. They have another opportunity to listen, it’s being replayed now on ‘In The Moment’ on SDPB.

  11. I actually thought Seiler sounded (I only listened to it) slightly better. Maybe it’s the fact that Jason is just not a great speaker, but also, experience does matter. Seiler reiterated that and actually proved Jason was “out of touch” while rebutting.
    To address Jason’s “ideas”, a meth prison sounds impractical and a huge expense to taxpayers. As far as I could tell, the probation thing doesn’t hold much water; judges can change the penalty’s as they please.
    I will probably vote for Ravnsborg, but that’s just my take.

    1. Sheriffs and police officers don’t think Jason is out of touch. Why doesn’t Seiler have their support?

      Law enforcement is asking for a facility to help them and the people struggling with addiction and mental health, is it impractical to listen to their concerns and recommendations?

      Every time there’s a mass shooting, we hear about the mental state of the shooter. Why would we want to deny them assistance and keep them in the communities? Seiler struggled in this forum.

    2. Your conclusion is right…but I couldn’t disagree with you more on points before that…but since you arrived at Jason I figure ill give you kudos

      Seiler is out of touch out of date clearly did not do his homework and Jason was better prepared

    3. @ Anonymous 2:15pm: What were you watching? I thought Seiler sounded lost and on the defensive the entire night with the same comment over-and-over again of his experience (which one could argue is not that strong). He has no ideas and is very out of touch.

      1. Seiler has no grasp on state issues clearly…federal maybe but not state..I was SHOCKED at his under performance

        Jason has got this one won…back to helping Kristi

  12. Seiler’s completely out of touch we need more time to figure out what’s wrong with sb70?

    I think one of the best lines the evening was when Jason said if you know a sheriff for State’s Attorney that thinks sb70 is working to have him give him a call…zing…. they all backgrounds Burg that should tell us something plus it also tells us that Randy is out of touch that he doesn’t know that already

    1. Good point Steve. I don’t know of one person in the state that thinks SB70 is doing any good. If Seiler can’t see that or has not taken the time to talk to anyone about it, I don’t see Seiler being an effective AG at all.

  13. Jason will win I think.

    Having said that, I do think he’s the weakest AG candidate we’ve had in 40 years or more on the GOP side. Actually I have no doubt about that.

    My wife and I watched and she thought he appeared weak in the debate as well. I didn’t think either did all that great.

    1. Jason was great…Seiler underestimated him and paid the price….Jason was clearly better prepared and had ideas, solutions…where Seiler had none….

      Seiler also came across as whiney I thought….Everyone in law enforcement is supporting Ravnsborg but he is not qualified is a tough sell when Ravnsborg was clearly the tough on crime candidate

        1. Haven’t see any support for seiler from the law. O, by the way, the majority of sheriffs support Ravnsborg. That is huge and a deal closer in my book.

          AG = Top Law person in state
          Sheriffs = Top law enforcement
          Law Enforcement Suopport = Ravnsborg

        2. h is anti-gun; wants to drop injection of meth to a misdemeanor and clearly has not engaged with them or states attorneys or he would know SB 70 needs fixing…which he clearly was OUT OF TOUCH at the forum ( which is what surprising me how unprepared Randy was).

          Law enforcement is with Ravnsborg, hence so am I.

  14. I wonder how many of these pro-Ravnsborg “Dave”, “Steve”, “Pete”, “John” posts are Jason himself. It seems odd that any constructive criticism is met with so much unbending disagreeance.

    1. Maybe his supporters are just tired of all the arrogance of the Democrats attacking him unjustly

  15. Rapid City Journal didn’t even give Jason the courtesy of an interview before they decided.

    1. It reflects Jason’s lack of qualifications. Why waste their time? Jason will be running again after another loss. Governor next time?

      1. You’re right, who cares what the RCJ thinks. The majority of Dakotans support law enforcement and they’re supporting Ravnsborg. Jason will win because he listens to and supports people in our communities. What ‘s the RCJ basing their decision on, I bet it has something to do with their feelings.

      2. Oh my…what are you trying to imply Anonymous 11:02 am? Because it sounds suspiciously like the musings coming out of the Jason-bashers running around at the convention…looking for new and creative ways to disparage Mr. Ravnsborg in the most base and demeaning manner they could come up with. It was a vile, lame attempt at smearing his character then and it is equally juvenile and ridiculous now.

  16. Rapid City Journal is a joke if anybody has in a subscription to them they should drop it immediately….

    This is playing out as predicted endorse Dusty because it’s clear he’s going to win then try and support Seilar and Sutton I’ll bet anybody anything Sutton gets endorsed by the Rapid City Journal

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