Tonight’s debate – Kristi Noem owned Jamie Smith. Has Jamie Smith ever talked to a farmer?

The three candidates for Governor met tonight on Dakota News Now, and Kristi Noem took no prisoners, while Jamie Smith seems to have fumbled his one opportunity to sound gubernatorial.

Governor Noem was able to effectively discuss her record and make the case for her re-election, while continuing to define her opponent who seemed to have trouble even grasping some of the important issues.  Smith tried to defend his liberal record, and uncouple himself from Joe Biden, but Kristi drove the point home at every opportunity. It was classic Kristi Noem, where she was poised and unflappable despite Smith trying to answer cogently, while coming at her with attacks that just didn’t work.

Big takeaways? Kristi was Kristi, solid as a rock, and as always continues to be one of the best in the state on the stump. She stayed on target, stuck to her message, and would not be drawn away from it.  Tracey Quint reminded me of James Stockdale in his debate against Al Gore and Dan Quayle. She could have said “Who am I, why am I here.” In between saying “you know” in every sentence. She was happy to be on stage.

Jamie Smith had the most to lose, and while he tried to push his message out, and strike out at Governor Noem, it fell short.  But then he came out with his answer on agriculture which was glaring in it’s…. well, in it’s ignorance about anything coming out of the ag community. They asked about what the candidates would do for farmers and ranchers, and one of the main things that Smith said he wanted to do for farmers was to talk to politicians in other states, and would go to the Western Governor’s Association.

Wait? what? Smith actually thinks that farmers care a fig about who he talks to at the Western Governors Association?  No.

Despite his answer, I don’t think they care about it at all. That’s what politicians may claim they care about, but I don’t think that’s the case.  Kristi quickly owned Smith, and underlined his complete ignorance on agriculture, when one of the first words out of her mouth in reference to ag was markets. She hit the nail on the head, in comparison to Smith swinging at imaginary flies.   This one will come back to haunt him. 

Otherwise, Kristi conducted herself with confidence in the remainder of the debate, while Smith remained spinning his wheels.

Definite win for Governor Noem, showing that there’s a reason she will be elected again on November 8.

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  1. Big Democrat rally at the Jones building in Sioux Falls to watch the gubernatorial debate. Some one shouted out Joe Biden Sucks and received a standing ovation. Highlight of the night!

  2. Big Democrat rally at the Jones building in Sioux Falls to watch the gubernatorial debate. Some one shouted out Joe Biden Sucks and received a standing ovation. Highlight of the night!

  3. Tracey Quint was obviously a little nervous, as most of us would be during a first appearance on live statewide television, but I thought she did fine, and I appreciate the personal sacrifices she’s made to run.

    1. It’s refreshing to see real people run for higher office. I think almost everyone in the state can relate to Tracey a whole lot more than to either of the two politicians running.

      1. Jamie Smith tried to shove a mask into my face on the microscopic chance that my “asymptomatic spread” of hypothetical Covid might infect another person, who in turn might infect a weak, dying old man and cause his advanced comorbidities to kill him at age 95 1/2 instead of 96. Now Smith says it’s a matter of personal freedom if one of his abortionist campaign donors wants to dismember a half dozen fetuses before lunch.

        It was nice to have Quint in the fray saying things she actually believes.

        1. Wow. You are one disgusting, vile, selfish human being. I wonder how you’d feel if it was your father you got six less months with. Have the day you deserve, creep.

  4. You could not have watched the debate. Noem couldn’t answer the questions. Her stock answer was “Jamie Smith is like Joe Biden and that’s even worse than me”

  5. Ag issues there’s de facto monopolization and the ensuing unfair pricing practices in the packing industry. That’s a bigger problem than what SD can tackle alone. We don’t have the financial clout to coerce unfair business practices. The obvious solution is regulation and oversight, which to address the issue is going to require either federal, or at least multi-state involvement.

    You can deride cooperation all you want, but if SD alone had the muscle to fix the problem alone it would have been done already. The only alternative is that if the state does have the ability to fix the issue, why has the supermajority-holding SDGOP failed to do jack about it the past 10 years? Incompetence? Indifference?

    1. YES! This is exactly why everyone should be in favor of the Wholestone plant. Providing high quality competition to Smithfield will be best for workers and farmers.

      1. Most people I have spoke to are not against the plant. They are against the location of the plant. Why would anyone want that in the city limits? It is going to smell no matter how many promises they make. You can’t hide the smell of dung.

  6. Kristi could solve Europe’s energy problem. Gaslighting right-wing talking points all night long. She ahs the political depth of the average sidewalk puddle.

  7. This is the Trump era. We don’t care about personal deficiencies (of which we all have). We want to know what you’re planning to do, why, and how you’re planning to get it done .. like Trump with Tariffs, the Southern border, supporting the military and rule of law, advocating domestic freedom and free markets, advocating US sovereignty, and above all else, election integrity.

    1. Well, your orange leader didn’t really get any of that accomplished, neither has this governor accomplished anything of significance. Oh, wait, she proposed a bill to repeal “bingo tax.”

      1. correction – his answer was “keep me in office and you get these things.” trump doesn’t have a long term anything in that orange head. if he is the gop standard bearer in 2024 then the inability of the party to govern will be fully proved.

  8. One thing for certain, come Wednesday morning November 9th, Jamie Smith will be sitting at his desk calling FSBO’S looking for listings.

  9. I am surprised. Only 4 of the remaining 9 Democrats in SD made comments here. It really doesn’t matter. Kristi will be Governor and Jamie Smith will get a fat job from Biden. That is the way it is. Ryan Taylor was also a lousy candidate for Governor in ND some years back and after losing got a fat job in the Ag Dept under Obama. You never really get rid of these people, although, as a Left-wing Socialist he may move to Washington.

  10. Typical Trump playbook answers. Deflect. Deny. Gaslight. Blame others…Not too hard to have a great economy when your state gets $1.2 billion injected into it. But..i forget–she loves that govt welfare. Gives it to her brothers–gets it for her ranch.

  11. Fact: Dauguard wins 70/30 against this guy.

    KN will win, but she won’t get more than 55% of the vote.

    She sucks. Jamie Smith just sucks worse.

    1. Probably the best point here. She is a terrible, self serving person who relies on political stunts to try and collect national attention. She’ll still win, but she has just been a huge disappointment as governor.

        1. Funny, I’ve been a registered republican most of my life save the time since Trump’s election. I think Cory is often full of it and say as much.

          You’re an idiot.

          1. No Tribalist dichotomy criticism attempted……just pointing out that you are a lying moron…sh## for brains dumba$$.

            1. Lol, such poetry. This is the problem with some of you dingbats: you can’t allow for any differences of opinion. The GOP used to be the big tent party until loyalty to one man took over. I will not overlook good sense for a cult of personality. And when the party is ready to be what I know it can be, I will be waiting. Keep yelling at clouds in the meantime, bud.

  12. Kristi Noem has the personality of a wet toaster. Her debate was full of scripted lies and pivots. Jamie seemed nervous, but genuine. As a Noem’s and raised Republican, I will vote for the person I think has the most integrity and has our best interests in mind. I’m not sure I can vote for Noem at this point.

  13. I didn’t watch the debate so I’m relying on what is being posted here. One thing for certain is that the dwarf king at dakota fake press never misses an opportunity to bash Governor Noem. He is silent in the debate so I’m guessing she didn’t do too bad.

  14. Let’s be real here, she mentioned Joe Biden and the White House 28 times during the debate. The problem was, this debate was for the South Dakota Governorship, not the white house. She went on trying to claim how much of a rancher she is, but she has more botox and collagen in her face than a Hollywood Kardashian. If that message connects with the people of South Dakota, I will be surprised.

    1. You’re probably correct on that one. He usual jealous, pathological obsession with Governor Noem is raging, but no mention of the debate. It must be eating the little man alive.

  15. Ah, the spiteful Democrats and Liberals have restored my faith. Eight of the 9 remaining Democrats in SD have been on here so far. i thought that maybe 5 of them had already moved to Minnesota, but they were just late. It is hard to count, however, since most Democrats don’t have guts to have a name other than “anonymous”, so I think maybe just one person made the 47 anonymous posts!

    1. Bless your heart. Yeah, probably some demon or wizard dreamin’ and late for the magician’s birthday, right? Why not just refute comments critical of your prairie Palin rather than insulting those who post them. TBT, though, you’d be amazed how many of the critical comments are coming from Republicans who are over her and her jetsetting ways.

  16. Noem was horrible. No wonder she is polling at 0% for president. She needs to go quietly into the night.

  17. Those of you that think so little of Gov. Noem, I don’t think you’re paying enough for gas, food, taxes etc. Why don’t you go somewhere that’s more to your liking, like California and if you’re from California, please go back to where you belong. You’re obviously delusional and need a reality check.

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