Top 5 places for Obama to visit in SD

Since South Dakota is soon to be the only state left on Obama’s bucket list, which may inflict us with a visit from the most unpopular president in modern history, a reader offered us a list of the top 5 places that the President should visit:

Top Five Places Obama Should Visit in South Dakota

The press is reporting that as of later this week, South Dakota will be the only state left for President Obama to visit during his presidency. We offer the following top five destinations for the President’s consideration:

1. Belle Fourche Sale Barn. It would likely serve President Obama well to spend some time around West River ranchers who know a thing or two about supply and demand, small businesses and hard work.

2. A ditch. (Or is it a navigable waterway?) Any Ditch in Eastern South Dakota. A few hours examining ditches East River might prove to be an enlightening experience if it helps change the President’s mind on the misguided EPA ‘Waters of the United States’ rule.

3. Mitchell Gun Show. Perhaps an afternoon mixing and mingling with a room full of freedom-loving, responsible gun owners would do the President some good.

4. Big Stone Power Plant. Another real life example of the President’s runaway regulatory regime that does nothing but increase the cost of doing business. The proposed EPA carbon rule will increase energy costs and hit energy-intensive states like South Dakota especially hard. He should see the plants, like Big Stone, that his rule will impact.

5. Walleye Fishing. According to the new book by former aide, Reggie Love, President Obama hates walleye. The only way to get the President to appreciate this delicacy is to head up to West Whitlock for a day of walleye fishing.

37 thoughts on “Top 5 places for Obama to visit in SD”

  1. The most obvious is the Indian Reservation and that is where I suspect he will go.

    That way they can gather up more than 50 democrats for his attendance also (unlike their pitiful convention)

    1. agreed. number three above is problematic. the secret service wouldn’t clear any of the dealers or customers for entry into the hall. it’d be a one-man event.

  2. I’m confused. How can Obama be fitted for Mt. Rushmore without ever going there?

    1. if they borrow the laser projecter from crazy horse monument for a few months, carvers can just project the image up there and work from that.

  3. Haiku for my President:

    Most distressing.
    Doesn’t. Like. Walleye.
    Say it ain’t so, Powers.

    1. Or, in classic SD Haiku form (5,7,5):

      Say it ain’t so, Pat.
      Barry don’t like eatin’ walleye?
      WTF! Bummer.


    1. I doubt the girls could tolerate a mosquito or two.

      And Moochelle? Ooooooo, the prairie grass!!!!!!

  4. Don’t we have a decent golf course to make the list? If we do he’d be here for sure! 🙂

  5. How ’bout Deadwood? He’s gambling with my children’s future; why not gamble where they have a bet limit to see what that is like? Of course, his personal check would probably bounce as he is only used to spending taxpayer money now.

  6. Rock Obama from SNL come and say South Dakota pay it’s own way for now on! Other states tired of paying for South Dakota!

      1. I doubt he would want to boot us out, we supply too much comic relief for the rest of the nation.

      2. Kick us out? No just reduce federal aid to the point we finally pay our own way here in SD.

        1. there’s a lot of federal property in this state. they can’t reduce it very far.

  7. The SDGOP headquarters where he can learn what real spin is from the experts. And how to use smoke and mirrors.

    1. the SDDP headquarters, where he can be by himself for awhile and collect his thoughts.

        1. i’m in a cul de sac, i don’t think the secret service likes those for strategic reasons.

    1. probably so, it’s still the best place in the state to promise everything and deliver nothing

      1. He he.

        All the wasted visits from the Dems has to make one wonder when our brothers & sisters on the rez will tire of the condescension and turn away from the racist patronizers.

  8. We’d love to host the President at the Big Stone Power Plant. Security would be a nightmare though as we have 600-700 contract workers here completing the addition of $400 million in air quality control equipment and other projects.

    1. Sorry, I was used to the Name box being filled in. I didn’t mean to post anonymously about the Big Stone Power Plant.

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