Trial to proceed on Stace Nelson robocall lawsuit

Yesterday, he was blasting out a negative Robocall. But today., Stace Nelson’s attorney R. Shawn Tornow was in a courtroom trying to stop a lawsuit against Nelson and his indicted co-conspirator Dan Willard for a Robocall that took place three years ago.

Unfortunately for Nelson, the case is proceeding forward.

I’m told attorneys representing Rushmore PAC and Stace Nelson (& crew) appeared in court today to discuss the case which has drawn out for months because of appeals, and a later refusal of Dan Willard to get court sanctions paid. That was what has held up the long simmering case, which is now proceeding forward, despite Nelson & Willard’s best efforts.

The judge ruled today that the motion from Nelson & crew to dismiss was denied, and the case may proceed forward as Rushmore PAC is seeking damages for affected robocall recipients who received the calls on their cell phones (if memory serves).