US Senate candidate claims Nashville bombing was intentional part of dominion voting machine conspiracy

If you start digging into the social media for US Senate Candidate Mark Mowry (who announced his candidacy in the mainstream media today after becoming a Republican) you quickly see that my offhand derision that he’s the QAnon candidate might not be too far off the mark.

Because if it walks like a duck, and sounds like a duck.. well…

For starters, Mowry noted that he was in attendance at a certain US Capitol Rally earlier this year. One that eventually went a bit… sideways.

Of course, aside from his attendance, we also have him promoting claims that the Nashville bombing was done to hide fraud with Dominion voting machines.

Repeating the conspiracy claim was bad enough, but then we have Mowry explicitly stating that he believes the bombing “happened intentionally?”

(Of course, it didn’t exactly happen as Mowry speculated.)

If you like Marjorie Taylor Greene in Congress, I suppose that Mowry might be to your liking.

But for the rest of us, I prefer our US Senators not promote crazy facebook conspiracies.

9 thoughts on “US Senate candidate claims Nashville bombing was intentional part of dominion voting machine conspiracy”

  1. Until party leadership at the national level becomes more aggressive about calling out this lunacy, you will continue to see more people running like this at local levels. Either we develop a backbone and call out conspiracy theories more aggressively (election was stolen!, Barack Obama is a secret kenyan muslim!, wind turbines cause cancer!, muslims celebrated 9/11 in a Jersey celebration! (and this is just Trump’s conspiracies)) or we will continue to lose ourselves in the same sea of paranoia we actively fomented to maintain power.

  2. Just finished writing this when I happened upon your post above:

    QAnon is a label .. most there that day were not hostile, but most resonate with the AI weaponized and targeted information coming out of the Q movement.

    It was like a shoal of herring getting picked off by seals, sharks, dolphins, tuna .. a large crowd of peaceful patriotic Trump supporters with a record of peaceful and respectful events across the country for years were allowed to be predated on by the entrenched intelligence community, by the entrenched intelligence community?

    There is power when we create one mind about a set of good and widely applying ideas. We aren’t there, yet .. the next election cycle will indicate if we’ve arrived.

    The basic idea – invest in America first. Gaining control of the budget will be difficult under massive attack. We need the wartime congress … the He-Man congress, the Optimus Prime congress, the Neo congress.

    Rooted in leadership from careful personal discernment of ideas from great minds like Thomas Sowell, Elon Musk, Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, Eric Weinstein .. it’s a very long list .. everyone is on it .. especially South Dakota .. South Dakota is on it.

  3. When I run into those who are consumed with various conspiracy theories and are Anti-government, Anti-public education, Anti-vaxxers, and call for the CDC to be eliminated I say come move to South Dakota! You will love it here. Seeking Freedom in South Dakota facebook page is recruiting tool.


    1. That “our side” is driven by unconfirmed conspiracy theories only (Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Covid, Election Theft in broad daylight so to speak, wuhan bio lab, Atrazene making frog’s gay, and the list goes on) is a conspiracy theory.

      I mean wake up, man. Who do you THINK killed JFK? Having an opinion deals heavy blows to the enemies of the US. That’s what it’s come to .. it’s an information war. Empty your information magazines .. that’s where we are now. DEFEND DEFEND DEFEND!

      The truth has always been sordid, hasn’t it?

      1. Mr. Dale we could sure use your help counting ballots in Arizona. If anyone could find irregularities it would be you my friend.

  4. So you are basically stating that simply attending the rally on the 6th in support of President Trump is problematic? I don’t agree; not everyone that was there entered the capital building or did anything wrong, so you are painting with a broad brush there.

    1. Necessary vs. sufficient condition for problematic. Does it necessarily mean the person is a turd? No. Of course not. Can it be used, in conjunction with other evidence, to show maybe a person isn’t such a swell dude? Of course it can. That’s why Pat provided other evidence that Mark here is a loon.

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