What a difference a video and a couple of hours make. DiSanto has returned from Pleasantville, taking a detour through grumpytown.

Pre-video release, regarding the (now known to be verbal) dustup State Representative Lynn DiSanto had with State Representative David Johnson, this past weekend she was claiming to be made of stern stuff:

I’m not weak or a snowflake. I’ve engaged in hundreds of debates and heated battles with men and women. That is part of the job, and I’m equipped to battle anyone that way.

Read that here.

And after her show of machismo and bravado, DiSanto adopted a more conciliatory tone:

Many of you and my colleagues also expressed concern regarding the situation and felt that it needed to be addressed. It was a very unfortunate event and for me it was a scary event. I believe that his behavior was unacceptable and unprofessional.

He has acknowledged that his behavior was wrong. Representative Johnson has made a personal apology to me and I have accepted that apology.

Listen/watch that here (about 30 min in).

In fact, to the media, the face that DiSanto put on made it sound like things were down right cordial:

“I wish Rep. Johnson nothing but the best of luck moving forward and I would like to publicly say Rep. Johnson is not just my colleague, but he is my friend,” DiSanto said.

Read that here.

And then the video of the legislator’s back and forth unhappiness was released. So much for friendliness. From all reports, much of that cordiality disappeared. And while legislators were in session, DiSanto was elsewhere, popping back into session around 3:15-3:30.

It sounds like it was only a day trip DiSanto took to Pleasantville, with a detour on the way back through grumpy town. Instead of being friendly with her new friend Representative Dave Johnson, he’s once again a villain in her fairy tale, at the same time she’s also attacking Republican Leadership:

The two representatives say they are upset with the way Speaker of the House Mark Mickelson handled the whole situation.

DiSanto says she felt pressured to let it go by leadership and was trying to take the “high road.”


DiSanto says she felt she was doing what was right for the caucus when told the House she accepted Johnson’s apology and said it was not necessary to form a committee to investigate him further.

“I wish Rep. Johnson nothing but the best of luck moving forward and I would like to publicly say Rep. Johnson is not just my colleague, but he is my friend,” DiSanto said on the House floor on Monday..

KELOLAND News asked DiSanto how she could say someone who called her those kinds of names was her “friend.”


“The video does not show the rage that was in his voice,” May said.

“I think my biggest concern is an event like this occurred at our capitol and there was very little support, from leadership and people we look to handle these types of situations,” DiSanto said.

We reached out to House Speaker Mark Mickelson for comment. Mickelson says the House formed a committee to investigate Johnson’s conduct as a legislator and the committee was disbanded at the request of Representative DiSanto.

Read that here.

Honestly, it is just me that thinks this went way, way farther than it ever should have in the first place?  If there actually was an issue and/or Representative DiSanto was serious about resolving her differences in the first place, then why has it been a non-stop media tour, and barfing of things out on social media?

People were crabby. People had strong words. One of the people apologized. The reaction was strong, but it was finished.  It’s time to stop the silliness parade and the drama circus, along with the accompanying publicity tour.  Legislators can be done with the distractions now, and get back to work.

34 thoughts on “What a difference a video and a couple of hours make. DiSanto has returned from Pleasantville, taking a detour through grumpytown.”

  1. It really seems like DiSanto “took the high road” to prevent the video from being released. Then it was released anyway, and at least to my eye does not support her story – it makes her look kind of silly. So now she’s back on the low road.

    Someone should just gather up all of the public statements DiSanto has made on this matter, in the media. It’s becoming quite a web.

    1. It’s not even DiSanto’s story: it’s May who is providing the script.
      It’s a silent film. It’s what you don’t hear which is appalling, and May has no reason to lie about it.

      1. It would be interesting to know what Haugaard says about that – he was right there too.

        REALLY interesting to know what the House secretary says – she was at the front desk there with her back to the camera.

    1. Bill, fair use guidelines dictate that I can only use a portion of the article for editorial purposes. Hence the link to send people for all of it. There’s no hard & fast rule, but I try not to push it. Thanks.

    2. So if he was angry and calling her a liar, what was it she lied about that made him so angry? It wouldn’t be the first time she has spread lies about someone. If you pull someone’s hair, would you expect them to be silent or would it be a normal reaction to fight back? It would be nice to get the other side of the story.

  2. If what May says Johnson said is true…what did she say to provoke such an outburst…what was he claiming she was lying about?

    May has a dog int eh fight…really would like to hear from Haugaard…he is an upstanding man and honest through and through and with no dog int he fight and in leadership…same with Qualm…what did he hear?

    By forming a committee then 3 days later dropping it, the whole incident is a mess

    1. True, as the “reconciliation” ended once the silent video was released to the public, an open hearing on the matter is likely the best resolution.

      Obviously, none of the parties involved expected the video to be released without further context, or a hearing by the committee.

    2. Qualm clearly thought the incident required an intervention.

      Love how the women were asking for it. Any time a man does something to a woman it’s because she was asking for it.

      1. If someone wrongs me, and I accept their apology, it should end there. It doesn’t warrant press conferences. I don’t think anyone was asking for or deserved anything, but it has hit the point of being a sideshow now.

        1. it Became a sideshow because at every step the anti-DiSanto peeps have been blaming her, claiming she was exaggerating, that she’s a drama queen, nothing happened, she egged him on, and finally asking what did she do to make him get in her face and call her a “f___ lying b___?”
          As each thread of this story has unraveled, DiSanto has been taking the blame, and Johnson is the true victim here. Now it comes out that Mickelson pressured her to drop the whole thing, and a lot of women are thinking this all seems very familiar.

          It would have been easier for DiSanto to accept Johnson’s apology if the incident had not been turned back on her, with suggestions that she should apologize to him. This turned into a sideshow because of you, not her.

          (Note from the editor… some of the profanity used kicked this into the trash filter, just for future reference. I’ve redacted it so it will pass. -P)

      2. Feminists should be all over this, they’re not. ‘Let’sGoJoe’ is a feminist and claims to be friends of Pierre, she’ll say nothing. How about Tazeena Islam, nope not a peep. That’s because DiSanto’s agenda doesn’t fit into their narrative.

        Johnson showed a serious lack of self-control, disappointing. I understand why DiSanto attempted to back away…”‘You f***ing, lying, b****,’ over and over and over,” May said. ” …this language is what I’d consider aggressive. From a liberal’s perspective this is ‘hate speech’, right?

        Why you got to hate speech Johnson?

        1. KM DiSanto has damaged her credibility and burned many bridges that she will be suspect. She will not get much sympathy and is an ineffective legislator that focuses on serving herself than others. Neither have wings sprouting on their backs.

          Change in Pierre is long overdue. Drain the swamp! America First!

    1. Why, Beth? You wanted them to kill each other, is that what you’re suggesting?

      You don’t own a gun, do you? You’ve never taken a gun safety course? Probably never even held a gun in your hands let alone shot one.

      You should take the time to think before you speak.

        1. She probably doesn’t need sympathy, she seems to be a pretty tough lady, able to hold her own. Wasn’t she fired from a real estate agency and then started her own business which will more than likely bring in plenty of cash.

          She hasn’t lost credibility with me, actually gained some. I’d like to watch her push-back the Republicans who continuously vote pro-abortion.

          1. This ^^ was meant for 7:57.

            This is meant for you, Beth Smith…

            It’s possible you’re a better shot than me, but not probable. I’ve been shooting since I was knee high with Grandpa over 30yrs now. Years of hunting both birds and deer and countless gun safety courses and gun range practice. But that’s something we’ll never know. So, yes, my cold dead hands too.

            I was most curious as to why you wanted DiSanto and Johnson to have guns, not who can piss the furthest.

    1. Hmm…

      Now she is trying to throw Mickelson under the bus. Amazing.

      Altercation took place.

      Disanto ran to Kaiser.

      Kaiser bought it hook line and sinker.

      Johnson apologized on the floor and made this seem like a super big deal. I even thought he might end up pulling a Wollman and resigning he made it sound so bad.

      Kaiser made a motion to investigate him and remove him

      Dennert praised Kaiser as heroic and exposed the man crush he has on Kaiser to everyone who would listen at a cracker barrell

      Kaiser refused to reciprocate those feelings

      Disanto says I’m no snow flake

      Disanto said this was all much ado about nothing and she and Johnson are besties.

      the video is released and all who watch wanted their PPV money back because the fight of the century was a fraud

      Disanto and May come out and say they were pressured to drop this situation. Mickelson pressured them they say.

      Mickelson says they formed a committee to investigate the situation and and Disanto’s request the committee was dissolved.

      Conclusion: There is a lot of drama here but most of it did not happen with the initial altercation between Johnson and Disanto.

  3. From the argus: She told reporters that she opted to ask the committee to disband when she doubted she could get a fair hearing given the members appointed. DiSanto said she wanted to look out for the House Republican caucus by accepting an apology….

    …”I’m just disappointed that I didn’t get more support from people I tremendously respect and look up to.”

    1. I thought she did it out if friendship with Johnson and because he apologized? Now it’s because Leadership pressured her?

  4. I feel like Disanto was caught yelling fire in a crowded room and there wasn’t any fire or smoke.

  5. No one comes away looking good after this kerfuffle. Johnson’s a foul-mouthed bully who verbally assaults a colleague on the House floor. DiSanto appears to take the high road while going a little overboard with praise (“he’s my friend”) but then defends herself against “snowflake” attacks by claiming that she was bullied into the make-nice deal by Speaker Mickelson and, perhaps, was worried by the composition of the House inquiry panel selected. All backed by a “it’s far worse if you could hear the audio” video that the state initially refused to release to the media. No winners to see here; move along, please.

        1. Maybe unlike the rest of these clowns he is actually doing his job and not getting sidetracked by this sideshow.

        2. Being silent is often the best way to end a conflict like this. That applies to Haugaard (kudos to him), but it especially applies to DiSanto.

          When a person’s anger is directed toward you, giving him a pedantic little lecture about how, “You need to calm down, Dave,” is one of the least likely approaches to defuse the situation.

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