What’s exciting out West this coming week?

This next week I’m going to be on the road for a bit, first in Sturgis/Rapid City, and then in Columbus, Ohio for the AFP Defending the Dream Summit.

The summit will be exciting, but I’m wondering what might be going on out West. Is the Central States Fair the big action for politicos? Any suggestions?

5 thoughts on “What’s exciting out West this coming week?”

  1. The Pennington County Republican booth is awesome , check it out . Fly fishing is great in the streams followed by a great glass or two at the Miner in Hill City .

  2. I’m going to be on the clock for much of it, but I’d like to hit the fair booth.

  3. Don’t let Mr. Verchio distract you with some neo-craft beer, Mr. PP. Go to the Independent Ale House and sample the plethora while you stuff your maw with pizza.

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