32 thoughts on “Wiik wins chairmanship 113 to 66”

      1. Did they take away your precient committee members votes for party leaders today? That’s amyi american…it’s communism. Only the elite get to choose.

  1. Congrats, Sen. Wiik. Now please drop that ridiculous bill to “ban” ranked choice voting. If it ever comes to South Dakota, that should be for the people to decide.

    1. Rank Choice has be already confirmed it is unconstitutional in South Dakota. So, it will not be approved, ever. You wuld have to amend the constitution. The PEOPLE of the State have already defined how the process of our elections will work.

    2. The best part is that the central committee draft a resolution against it, so the entire party organization is coming out against it

      1. and fortunately it was not necessary to debate the merits of every other bill before the legislature, even though some people seemed to think we should (facepalm)

      2. No surprise there. Why wouldn’t they? The current first-past-the-post system directly benefits the two major parties, not the voters. Honestly, I’m not sure why the Democrats are supporting it — unless they’re planning to not be the main opposition party much longer — but good on them for doing the right thing anyway. It’s only fair to ensure that elected officials are selected by a majority of their constituency.

        Look, parties exist to look out for their own interests and goals. That’s the basic definition of a party. So that’s all well and good. But elected officials exist (or are supposed to, at least) to look out for their constituents’ interests.

        My dear mother likes the good senator, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt before jumping on the bandwagon with those who pointed out the inherent conflict of having a sitting legislator leading a political party. With that said, starting off his chairman/senator concurrence by sponsoring a bill to screw voters in order to benefit his party does not exactly bolster any confidence (not that my opinion counts for much, as has been pointed out here before).

          1. We will indeed, my friend.

            To me, ranked-choice elections are a lot like roundabouts. They take some getting used to, and there will likely be a crash or two while people are figuring them out. But once they’re in place, they’re much more effective and efficient than the four-way stop we have right now.

      1. Wait, what? A hand counting error? Or a reporting error? the horror. Any allegations of the election being stolen? Where’s our SOS when when need a fair election?

  2. And now the rest of the counties can have their elections that they have held up.
    .what a democratic system

    1. Counties could start having elections in November. Why do they need to wait for the pokey puppies?

      1. That’s because the chairs know they’re all getting voted out Pat they had to hold off until after the selection

        1. Lawrence & Brown both held their elections beforehand and retained their same Chairs…Interesting thought though.

      1. You are talking about a different animal, the smart one. RINOs are despicable and behave against the principles of Liberty.

  3. Domination! Turns out SD GOP still prefers people who WIN elections – not who lose their primaries.

  4. SD is filled with liberald democrats masquerading as Republicans. Look at the VOTES of senator John thume.. Thr prople leading your rnc are not standing for YOUR CONSERVATIVE policies. Your Brainwashed.

    Are you ALL asleep

      1. You are correct Anonymous. A message loses it’s purpose when the education level of the messenger becomes the message.

    1. Actually, Sen Thune was rated by the American Conservative Union with a score of 74% for 2021, ok but not great. Sen Rounds received a score of 50% which in my mind is not good at all.

    2. every republican who disagrees with your selection of beliefs is a liberal democrat, plain and simple? that is how crazy people justify turning and attacking their own fellow troops for fun and profit. i’m offended as a true disagree-er, and sick of this self justifying mindset.

  5. Did they take away your precient committee members votes for party leaders today? That’s amyi american…it’s communism. Only the elite get to choose.

  6. Vas, nobody took away the votes of the prescient committee members. And since it did not appear that anybody was betting on the outcome, we don’t know if anyone knew the results before the votes were counted.

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