Woki-leaks website takes on “Woke” culture on USD Campus and in State University System

A new South Dakota website has been created in the spirit of disclosure.. but this time it’s not disclosing high government secrets, rather something this website has written about on occasion – the University of South Dakota’s “woke” culture, and how it has a tendency to go a bit overboard sometimes.

The “Woki-Leaks South Dakota” website bills itself as “Exposing the Social Justice Crusade at USD,” and already has several articles up addressing what they see as a serious problem in Vermillion. For Example:

The first thing to know is that USD’s official values of “diversity and inclusiveness” do not mean what most people think they mean. According to USD’s Woke activists – and to the University itself[1] – advancing “diversity and inclusiveness” means accepting that the United States is a systemically racist and oppressive society in which “the privileged” (e.g., White, straight men) enjoy unfair advantage, and “the marginalized” (e.g., racial minorities, women, sexual minorities) are continually held back and disempowered.


To force students, faculty, and staff to comply with their wishes, the activists are stating openly that they and their administrative allies should be given the power they need to, as they put it, “Manage the varied internal and external forces (‘the perfect storm’) that seek to disrupt [diversity and inclusion] efforts or constrain the inclusive environment we aim to foster on USDs campus.”[7] In other words, anyone not on board with the Woke is an enemy, and the activists ought to be given the power to “manage” them.

Read the entire article (What “Diversity and Inclusiveness” Really Means at USD: Power for the Woke) here.

(Given the degree of footnoting on the site, I have a suspicion that this might be coming from an inside academic)

The website urges to advocate wokism reform for USD…

It is completely inappropriate for the University of South Dakota to embrace Wokism, Social Justice ideology, critical race theory, intersectionalism, or any other narrow political doctrine as an official University belief system – period. USD needs outside help to reform itself at this point. The University of South Dakota is a publicly-funded institution. It should be, and is, accountable to citizens and their elected political leaders. Fortunately, South Dakota lawmakers and Governor Noem have already demonstrated that they are willing to act to protect intellectual diversity and free speech at the university. If they see the citizens of South Dakota stand up and demand change, reform will be possible. The following are things you can do to help make sure that USD reembraces common sense, moderation, and political neutrality – and that Wokism does not take over additional state universities.

Read that here.

… and in particular, urges people to follow legislation designed to prevent political bias and indoctrination at USD and other state universities.

You can follow the website here at Woki-Leaks South Dakota.

15 thoughts on “Woki-leaks website takes on “Woke” culture on USD Campus and in State University System”

  1. Sounds to me like USD is following the radical left agenda, silence the opposition. Take away your right to free

    1. “Woke”–when you boil it down to the basics it pretty much means an individual that has a mental state devoid of all common sensibility.

  2. After the Woke go after NSU what will they rename Hobo Days after it s deemed offensive?

    Efforts are underway to rename Racoon Rapids or Coon Rapids in Minnesota. If this keeps up what will we be left with number designations like the Borg?

  3. I choose to double check all my sources.
    Go to USD’s site directly and read the diversity and inclusiveness statement, vision and mission. It’s easier to grasp and understand compared to what “Woki-Leaks” is implying. Kind of a stretch in my opinion.

    Good rule of thumb for social media too. Can’t believe everything you see and read. Do your own research.

    1. I’d say doing your own research has to go beyond just looking at USD’s website. Of course they’re going to put a good public face on this, and that seems to be the point that Woki-Leaks is making. They have some official documents on their site that clearly shows what USD means by these terms. So, yeah, don’t just believe what you read on the internet. Do your own research and dig into what “equity” and “social justice” really mean for the SJWs.

  4. Woah woah woah, you’re telling me that the Institute of American Indian Studies is promoting a diversity and inclusiveness narrative? Shocked, I tell you.
    What is so difficult for the white people in this state to understand and accept that there is systematic injustices? What is so difficult to understand that being a white DOES come with privilege? Imagine what your life if you had been born on one of the reservations? Oh, right, that takes empathy, which is in shockingly short supply here.
    Dude sounds like a snowflake, go cry about it.

    1. What if you have a white parent and an Indian parent? How should one proceed through life when they are mixed?

      Should we use our Indian heritage and collect reparation checks from the govt? Should we check the Indian box and take advantage of affirmative action?

      Or should we claim our whiteness to receive this “white privilege” you speak of?

  5. I find it curious that the author(s) of the wokisd blog, along with many of the commenters here are unwilling to attach their names to their opinions? Is it because they’re just disgruntled folks carrying some faux grievance and are afraid of a changing world? Are their arguments devoid of merit? Are they afraid to discuss publicly their ideas and opinions because rather than not just being “politically correct” they’re actually offensive. It’s easy to lob ideological and verbal hand grenades while hiding behind anonymity. It’s much harder to engage in open and public dialogue when your position is weak to start with.

    I’m happy to attach my name to my opinions and arguments so hopefully it appears here. Perhaps I just have the courage of my convictions.

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