Add Casey Murschel to the House in District 12?

Since she left office in 2006, former State Representative Casey Murschel had been in charge of NARAL – SD for several years, and for the past few she’s been lobbying for Child Advocacy Centers of South Dakota.

She had run for office again in 2010, losing to Hal Wick & Manny Steele. And her committee has been maintained as open since.

But, as I just noticed, it’s curious that she’s filed a brand new statement of organization for 2016.


Might she be jumping into the race for the open house seat in 12?

3 Replies to “Add Casey Murschel to the House in District 12?”

  1. Anonymous

    Any association with NARAL should be an automatic disqualifier.

    The KKK could not have desired a more useful group of genocidal racists.


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