Adelstein PAC attacks Jensen over objecting to Vietnam war 44 years ago. Who wins when no one is likeable?

I was just sent this from today’s mail in Rapid City:



The “All South Dakota” Political Action Committee is one of several that former State Senator Stan Adelstein funnels money through to alternately attack his enemies or support his friends. You can see the latest filing from it as noted below:

all_sd_pac by Pat Powers

I’ve long documented Stan using PACs to ferry money here and there. And while serving in the State legislature, Adelstein was referred to by one colleague as being a cancer on the caucus, as he sought to gain favors and position.

The attack ad comes at a surprising point in time when Adelstein has faded from view, and his name only comes up in news stories about him fighting with his neighbors, and insinuating people are anti-semetic for disagreeing with him.

Contrast that with Phil Jensen, who has his own notoriety as a member of the State Senate, as I reminded everyone back in February:

Just when you think Phil Jensen had that foot out of his mouth from last election’s comments over racial discrimination….

“If someone was a member of the Ku Klux Klan, and they were running a little bakery for instance, the majority of us would find it detestable that they refuse to serve blacks, and guess what? In a matter of weeks or so that business would shut down because no one is going to patronize them,” Jensen told the Rapid City Journal.

Read that here.

…. he manages to wedge it back in there with the other foot with his comments in today’s Rapid City Journal:

Speaking over the phone on the way to Pierre on Tuesday, Jensen recalled when one of his constituents told him he witnessed “dozens of South Americans” fleeing a white bus parked near downtown Rapid City.

“He knew they were South Americans,” Jensen said, “because they had different skull structures and skin tones from Mexicans.”

Read it here.

The political hit-piece is basically Adelstein is attacking Jensen for an action he took 44 years ago. Which brings up the question whether it’s an issue that should hold sway in 2016?

And who wins when no one is likeable?

The issue may resonate for Vietnam Era Veterans and their families, or possibly veterans in general, and they have every reason to feel that way. But beyond that, It’s a political attack using 44 year old information because someone, when they were 18, didn’t really want to go to fight in a controversial war during a turbulent time in our country’s history.

You know, this is one of those cases where you can’t find yourself compelled to root for anyone. And I’m not sure how effective it’s going to be in moving voters. Jensen supporters will likely excuse it, and Jensen haters are still not going to like him.

I tend to think you just watch the mudslinging for the two or three minutes of entertainment, go “meh,” and go back to whatever you were doing.

16 Replies to “Adelstein PAC attacks Jensen over objecting to Vietnam war 44 years ago. Who wins when no one is likeable?”

  1. Wow

    Phil must be pretty scandal free if someone has to look back 44 years to try to dig up some dirt on him.

  2. Anonymous

    Jensen claims he supports a gun in every hand yet he refused to carry one to protect his country. I don’t care if it was 100 years ago. once a coward always a coward. He is unfit to represent men and women who have worn the uniform.

    1. Liberty Dick

      Were the North Vietnamese threatening to attack Pearl Harbor or something? It’s completely understandable why anyone in that time period would want to claim objector status. I don’t think I would have but looking at the history it is understandable why one would do this.

      1. Anonymous

        You are amazing! Making excuses for a cowardly draft dodger! And you cal yourself a conservative? Explain that to the 59k dead American solders that didn’t chicken out.

    2. Cinder

      What wasn’t 40+ years ago is Jensen’s continued votes against the men and women who, unlike Jensen, have put on a uniform to defend our country. He is not worthy to represent those brave men and women.

  3. Gus Hercules

    This matters to some voters. I spent 6 years in the army under a deferment called the Berry Plan. When I finished training I received orders for active duty. At the same time the war wound down and I was not needed for active duty. I received an honorable discharge. Jensen avoided service! His behavior and character have merely carried forward to the present.

    The fact this is somebody’s PAC is not a relevant factor. The truth is.Some PACs send lies and distortions. Not this one.
    I am a 43 year district 33 resident.

  4. Anonymous

    Mike Rounds, John Thune, Mitt Romney, Donald Trump, and scores of other people involved in SD politics never served and some expended considerable effort to avoid military service.

    Did Jensen’s opponent serve? All things being equal then, we fall to the next level of where they stand on the issues.

  5. Troy Jones

    As we age, we learn from both what we do and don’t do. I think Stan is taking a cheap shot.

    Praise a person for the good they did as a youth and give them the benefit of the doubt for mistakes of youth.

  6. Anonymous

    I think that’s a fair point Troy. That said, I’d like to hear Sen. Jensen state whether he would do things differently, knowing what he knows now.

  7. Anonymous

    He dodged the draft. It is plain and simple. He is a coward just as those who moved to Canada to avoid serving their country. Yes Troy, it is a big deal for those of us that served. Did you?

    1. Troy Jones

      Unless you tell me your name, I don’t believe you served, have no credibility to assert he is a coward, and believe you just want to disparage Jensen. I also think your question to me is an attempt to disparage me. Thus, you have no credibility to judge.

      To those others reading this post, I urge people to vote for or against Jensen because of what he has become and not what he did or didn’t do 40+ years ago. The human spirit and ones character can be improved or go backwards as they move through life.

  8. D Molouski

    My first thought. Who would spend thousands of dollars to put out mailing like this? I guess that’s a drop in the bucket for Stan Adelstien but it’s probably a waste of money.

  9. Anonymous

    I will not be voting for Phil for several reasons. Both my father and brother have served this country and dodging the service and lying about it is detestable. I’ve also watched him clip his finger nails on the Senate floor. Disgusting.