Another one looking at joining the Congressional Campaign?

in the explosion of activity since Congresswoman Kristi Noem rocked the South Dakota political world, there’s been a flurry of activity behind the scenes. And among the names being brought up for Congress, is that of Neal Tapio.

So, I reached out to Neal for comment. And in reply, I’ve been promised a statement exclusively (for the #1 political news site in South Dakota.)

Will he, or won’t he? Stay Tuned.

15 Replies to “Another one looking at joining the Congressional Campaign?”

  1. Anonymous

    He is a fascinating man…I think he will surprise a lot of people…plus great teaser 🙂

    Not one to be underestimated.

  2. Anonymous

    Tapio is a very solid conservative, thoughtful individual with a great incite into many of the problems facing our state and nation.

    1. Anonymous

      Uphill battle but why the heck not. As long as he serves one day in his elected office he’s worthy of consideration.

  3. Burger

    Either Stace or Gordon Howie NEED to run. Tapio just moved here seems like he is too tied into Washington, DC.

    1. Anonymous

      too tied into washington DC…have you been paying attention?

      Stace and Howie never need to run statewide again…they can’t win!

    2. Dave R

      What are you talking about, Burger? Neal has been in South Dakota most of his life. He used to be a contractor in Sioux Falls and he has lived in Watertown for years. Where do you imagine he lives and works? Tied to Washington DC? You mean he worked for Trump WHO JUST GOT ELECTED? Seems to me that would be a positive.

      1. Anonymous

        I appreciate the idea of Tapio running and think that he will probably surpass Dusty in short order. I don’t get the Dusty hype machine it’s so artificial and orchestrated.

  4. Anon4

    Anyone know why Tapio never married? I wonder how much I have in common with a man that gave up family life to pursue money.

      1. Anonymous

        he has to be one of the most eligible bachelors around…

        Noem for Governor and
        Tapio in the House…

        a mighty attractive team & wouldn’t that upset the whole Pierre establishment….

  5. Anonymous

    Somebody was doing polling on Daugaard, Noem, Nelson, & Jackley… They didn’t use the required disclaimer of who it was paid for by.

    Tapio talks a real good conservative narrative. His time in the SD Senate will give Republicans an inside look to see if he is different than the moderates looking to get into the race.