Anti-Negative Campaigning postcard out from Mathew Wollman – “Tell Stace Nelson: It’s time to stop the negative attacks in District 19.”

I’m not thinking much needs to be said about the postcard sent by State Rep. Mat Wollmann. It’s pretty self-explanatory that the negative postcard against Caleb Finck has ignited a backlash against Stace Nelson.

negative_stace_1 negative_stace_2

10 Replies to “Anti-Negative Campaigning postcard out from Mathew Wollman – “Tell Stace Nelson: It’s time to stop the negative attacks in District 19.””

  1. Anonymous

    Until this moment I’ve been less than impressed with Wollman in the legislature. And now I can say I’m impressed. I’m also now not impressed with Daugaard and everyone else that has stood by and let Stace bully people.

    A real Marine just took on another marine. He made Stace look small and petty.

    1. Anonymous

      Wollman didn’t make Nelson look “small and petty” as you state. Nelson did a pretty good job of doing that himself.

    1. Anonymous

      Anonymous June 4, 2016 at 2:32 pm Wollmann is not a combat veteran. It is very disrespectful to claim that he is when those real combat put their lives on the line for this nation and Wollmann did not.

      1. Anonymous

        But Nelson was dodging combat by staying in the marines overseas so long, because that’s the place you really want to be to dodge dangerous military service.

        This is the face of the new GOP, same face as the old Democratic Party: tax, spend, make more government, and attack conservatives and conservative values.

  2. Anonymous

    A negative (lying) post card against Nelson for other groups piston factual information about Nelson’s opponent?

    The Homely Queen competition is not a charity even or fundraiser. It is a drag queen spoof competition.

    Mathew appears to want to climb the establishment ladder to the point of lying and smearing a decorated marine veteran on behalf of a 23 year old who appeared to enjoy the Homely Queen competition a little too much?

    The SDGOP had sunk to a new low this election. Republicans pushing Proabortion candidates and now this?

    1. George

      So you admit the Homely Queen is a spoof competition…your words not mine…but when it is known it is a spoof an ad is run that it is factual? Yeah that doesn’t seem intellectually dishonest at all (sarcastic)

      No one can be against Stace unless they are a RINO, plant or part of the establishment….no he is an embarrassment to conservatives!

  3. College GOP'er

    I think Mr Nelson is too rough around the edges when he bulldozes forward. But, the only person to blame for the pictures of Caleb in drag, is Caleb. Anyone that spent anytime at SDSU knows that Caleb really got into the Homely Queen competition. He loved the attention. He loved it so much that he entered the competition all four years he was at SDSU and he had the pictures proudly all over his Facebook

    There is no way to put those ugly photos into context. Blaming Mr Nelson for Caleb’s poor judgement is wrong.