Argus interviews Hubbel….. will she need a garden hose for that?

The Argus Leader was interviewing candidates today about what they’d do if elected. And Lora Hubbel continues to explore the bizarre side of legislation:

Q: What legislation or policy would be your priority next legislative session?

A: …..I will also bring a “no undue influence” bill, which says that if you sleep around to influence legislation, you will be removed from your position.

Q: Would you endorse a presidential candidate at this point? Why or why not?

A: Donald Trump. I have taken thousands of dollars’ worth of his courses.

Read it here.

“if you sleep around to influence legislation, you will be removed from your position.”  I can’t say I’ve ever heard of that happening. Lora must hang out at seedier places than I would during session.

All I want to know if she’s going to be removing people from their position, will it be top or bottom?

(ba dum, bum. *rim shot*)

3 Replies to “Argus interviews Hubbel….. will she need a garden hose for that?”

  1. Anne Beal

    Let’s talk about Medicaid expansion.
    Who is for it and who is against it.
    The Governor is for it because IHS stinks. That makes a lot of sense, substitute one form of government run health care for another and expect an improvement?

    This always seems to come as a surprise to a lot of people, but living on the reservation and getting your healthcare from IHS is voluntary. People who don’t want to do that are free to leave, get homes and jobs in town, and sign up for employer-based health insurance just like everybody else.
    The Ft Laramie treaty never promised comprehensive health care, it promised one doctor, sort of like a surgeon general, for the whole territory. It didn’t promise hospitals, clinics, dentists, nursing care etc. IHS is possibly the worst case of mission creep ever. The treaty provided for one man on a horse with a leather satchel full of drugs and instruments That’s it.

    Expanding Medicaid will saddle the state with so much cost that ultimately the only way to pay for it will be with a state income tax. Our current governor will not be in office when that happens so apparently he doesn’t care.
    We need to have a legislature who can see more than a year or two into the future.

    1. Former SF Voter

      I would never vote for Peters in a million years. Hubbel makes it hard to hold your nose and vote against Peters. At least Hubbel will never be put in a position of authority.


      If Noem, Rounds and Thune are really opposed to Medicaid expansion they should be in Pierre testifying against it.

      If Americans for Prosperity is really against it they will publicly call for Noem, Thune and Rounds to come forward and talk about why the state should not expand.