Bjorkman filing Statement of Organization. Confirms he’s running as a Dem.

The statement of organization is in, and Tim Bjorkman is running as a Democrat:

Bjorkman FEC Filing – Statement of Organization by Pat Powers on Scribd

I also notice that his website at is up and running (and he managed to secure it, instead of waiting around until the last minute):

Bjorkman seems to be running on a platform of personal responsibility….

So I’m curious to hear exactly what policy initiatives he intends to promote to achieve those ends. What entitlements would he like to see go away? What else does his platform contain?

We shall see.

11 Replies to “Bjorkman filing Statement of Organization. Confirms he’s running as a Dem.”

  1. Anon

    As a judge you would think he is smart enough to know he had no chance of winning as a Democrat. So why not run as an Independent and try to establish yourself as a moderate? Why not try to develop support from Centrists on both the left and the right? The reason you run as a Democrat for Congress in South Dakota is because your ideology is so far to the left it prevents you from running as a Centrist.

    1. Emoluments Clause

      Maybe he is running as a Democrat, because we have a worsening drought, a declining farm economy, an unpopular President, major pending Ag cut proposals in the President’s federal budget, a potential trade war, which will negatively affect the South Dakota farm economy, and an open US House seat. It has all the makings of a Democratic year for a South Dakota Democratic US House candidate in 2018…. It reminds me a lot of the politics of ’32, ’56, and ’86 in particular…..

      1. Anonymous

        So are you blaming Republicans for the drought?

        I think your post is highly optimistic.

  2. Lee Schoenbeck

    This will be a good race. Everybody wins when you get quality people like this in a race.

    1. Miranda Gohn

      Lee, I drove from Aberdeen to Canistota yesterday for the kickoff and I was extremely impressed! It was well attended and organized. It was not your typical talking points or political speech but very thought provoking which will resonate with South Dakotans regardless of where they are in the political spectrum. He answered the call to public service in the truest sense and would be a great mentor and role model for our younger generations of what we need more of.

      The state Democratic Party needs more candidates of this quality and you are absolutely right in that this will be a great race and will bring everyone to a higher level. South Dakotans win.

  3. KM

    ‘Personal Responsibility’ is what conservatives have been saying since I can remember. Is this guy really a Democrat? Is he pro-life too, MG did he mention that at the kickoff?

  4. Miranda Gohn


    His speech is posted over at the Hard Lefty blog. I have volunteered and door knocked for two moderate to conservative Dems for the Minnesota legislature one being a former Republican and a deacon in her church in Greater Minnesota which l feel very comfortable with. Tim Bjorkman’s was the most conservative Democratic speech and kickoff I have ever been to. It was more to the point as far as conservative than some Republican candidates I have heard in the past. He frequently mentioned work ethic, personal responsibility, diligence and perseverance among other things. His speech may make some Dems out there uncomfortable but you know what? It is needed! We need to remind ourselves what it is going to take collectively to tackle many of the issues we face.

    He did not get into Pro-life yet but I suspect that will come out in his position papers.

    1. KM

      MG, Thanks. It is quite strange to read/say conservative Democrat. Anticipating his stance on abortion, entitlement programs, min. wage, common core, etc. Perez doesn’t seem to have the influence he thinks he has on some in the Democratic Party